Complete Guide to Cat Care

Cat care can be perplexing at times. Just when you think you have it all figured out your kitty lets you know in no uncertain terms that you don't.  They are mysterious little creatures.

You not only feel that the domestic feline is the absolutely ideal pet and companion, but also believe the adorable creature to be nothing less than a work of art itself.

So naturally you want to give them the very best care possible.

You love reading all about cats. You want to know about your favorite breeds, the history of cats. You want to know about the health of your cat and how you can keep her or him in tip top condition.

grey cat

You are also interested in the behavior of cats, of course you are.

All cats do things sometimes that we would rather they not do, but they are good animals at heart and can show you a lot of love.

Discover how you and your cat can live in harmony, the way it's meant to be.

You need to know about all the accessories that your cat or kitten needs to enjoy a happy life. All this and more you will find in the pages of this site.

So if you are as absolutely crazily in love with kittens and cats as we are, come right in, make your start at one of the links below. . .

All About Cat Care

 Cat Behavior

Do you have a cat behavior problem? Do remember that what we humans may regard as inappropriate conduct, will likely be viewed by your pet as perfectly natural. Work with your cat so he or she behaves in a way that keeps you both happy.

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Cat Health

Every cat owner should concern themselves with cat health issues. Knowing your cat, and studying about the nature of a cat's body can help in signaling a feline health problem to you.

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Cat Care

Provide good cat care and your cat will reward you. Despite a reputation for aloofness cats can reward you with love, but that love has to be earned by good cat care.

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Cat Illnesses

There are many cat illnesses that have the same or similar symptoms to other ailments. It can be very difficult for the average cat owner to make any sort of diagnosis.

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Cat Supplies

There are some cat supplies that are essential; they keep your cat fed, fit and healthy.

There are also supplies and equipment that keep your cat happy, these are an important part of cat care too.

Cat Food

Make sure your cat is getting the nutrients necessary for maximum health and well being.

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Litter Boxes

There are many types and styles of cat litter boxes available. Your choice depends on your needs.

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Cat Tunnels

Cats can't resist crawling inside of tunnels and exploringAdd a toy or two for perfect fun.

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Cat Toys

Provide your kitty with fun things to do and keep him out of mischief.

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Climbing Trees

Cats love to be up high surveying their world.

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Urine Odor

"Accidents" happen but they can be dealt with.  Find out how.

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Learn how your investment in good basic kitten care, will reward you with the companionship and affection of a healthy cat for fifteen years or more.

Kitten Care

Give your beautiful kitten the best start in life.

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Cat Breeds

Learn about the many different cat breeds.

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Naming Your Cat

Sometime we have a difficult time thinking of a name for our new kitty.  Here are some suggestions to make it easier.

Names for Black Cats
Female Cat Names
Kitten Names
Male Cat Names
Siamese Cat Names

Cat Art and Gifts

Cat prints and posters, figurines, cat and kitten calendars and cat books.

Looking for that ideal feline picture for yourself to brighten your home?

Searching for a pleasing cat related gift for a friend or for yourself? Searching for that ideal something for your cat? We have them here for you.

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Cat Books, Find the Cat Books that you need...
Cat books, and kitten books, on a range of topics, from cat health and care, to how to talk to your cat.

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