9 Lives??? More Than 1 For Sure...

by Aripcalypto
(Bendemeer , Singapore)

Magick is a female black short tail Bombay cat who was constantly following a friend of mine home..One day she got news that i was looking for a black cat and so she got Magick home, bathed her and packed her nicely in a pink cat carrier for me..

It was really a great joy to receive Magick that day..she crept out cautiously and gave a very very chirpy meow..

However back at home, my family members weren't at all in favour of sharing our life with a cat what more a black one! Especially old grandpa who was always bickering and complaining about how Magick was such a nuisance..

Thus Magick remains locked away in the room most of the times.. It was really very depressing for me and for her..

One day it was early dawn when i woke up at around 6 am.. Magick was really excited to be let out of the room and she ran around excitedly..Suddenly there was silence...

Where is she??? I looked frantically for her throughout the house..under the bed, in the kitchen, in the toilet..EVERYWHERE! Magick was nowhere to be found!

I rushed down the stairs and started to look for her below, suspecting that she might have fallen off (we are staying in a high rise apartment, the 7th floor)

..But NOTHING!..I asked from floor to floor thinking that she might have been stuck on someone's window sill..but to no avail..
It was as if magick simply VANISHED INTO THIN AIR!!!!

The few hours that followed really really were one of the worst moments of my life..and i told myself that if she's dead at least let me see her..

The time was already 740am...and still no sign of her..I was 20min away from reporting to work..

With teary eyes i looked over the window sill that she always loved to perch and tiptoe about looking at birds..

some thing caught my eye..a male black cat who was often seen roaming about neath the apartment was sniffing peculiarly at a hedge..and seemed to have found sumthing there..But after awhile he left..

It struck me! Magick could be there! I rushed down again and went straight to the hedge..and was i right, there i saw something which was all to familiar to me..a short tail and fat backside of my dearest magick sticking out from the hedge!!!!!

Without haste i started to pull her out, at first she cringed and gave a loud moan-meow and stiffened her body...then for the second time, after she recognised it was me and after much persuasion, i managed to bring her out...

Magick was in a terrible state!! Tears erupted and rolled down my cheeks as i started to clean her face which was all bloody and her frontal legs which seemed twisted..It was like a scene from the movies! I carried her in my arms and started to get my cousins who stayed nearby and we drove Magick to the nearest pet hospital..
I was tremblibng all the way..Never would i have expected such a thing to happen..

To vet ran tests and Magick was put under a drip and she stayed for 2 days at the pet hospital... The doctor claimed that she was lucky to survive a 7 storey fall unlike many cats that she had come across before who didn't manage to pull through..

Magick had water in her lungs, a cut in her mouth and dislocated hind leg and a foreleg..After 2 days she was brought back home and couldn't move much...

After a few months (3 months probably), she is now up and running again, hunting house pests and annoying my grandpa once again..Miraculously she survived and now things changed for the better..
No longer has she to be cooped up in a room and she has begun to meow more, eat better and hunt better...

I never believed cats had nine lives, but this experience proved they MAY have more than one for sure... :)

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Jul 26, 2010
black cat crazy!
by: Anonymous

Hey your black cat is crazy I love her photos.

Please don't let her fall from the window again - - I know you won't.

Jul 15, 2010
Magick is Magic!
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Aripcalypto,

Magick is Magic!

Thank goodness that your lovely cat is now alright after her fall. Thank goodness too that the hedge was there to soften her fall.

It's always a bit of a risk if you live several floors up, a cat only needs to be distracted - cat safe.

But all is well that ends well. I hope that Magick is enjoying annoying grandpa. Sometimes grandpa's need annoying, (I know because I'm one) and I bet that he really loves Magick.

Magnificent photographs, thank you for sharing them.

Larry (Editor)

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