Gorgeous Bombay Cats

Photo: Kenneth Norris

Why are Bombay cats named after an Indian city, when in fact they are a breed developed in Kentucky USA?

This is because the developer of the breed, Nikki Horner, set out to produce a cat that was deep black with bright copper eyes.

After much work and expense she finally succeeded, and named her creation The Bombay, in her own words she named the breed "after the black leopard and the city in India. I think the name has a ring to it. It's very exotic sounding."

Bombay cats are often referred to as parlor panthers and looking at these deeply black felines who can disagree that Nikki Horner achieved what she set out to do?

The result of a cross between a black American Shorthair and a sable (brown) Burmese, the Bombay breed was first accepted by the CFA in the late '70's.

It is still permitted to out-cross to sable Burmese and black American

Shorthairs, although, of course, Bombays are an authentic breed with their own distinctive attributes.

The Bombay can also be found in a variety of other colors (often known as Asian Selfs), such as Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Sable and Red.

But, generally, it is only black Bombay cats that are accepted for showing.

Appearance of Bombay Cats

A medium sized, muscular cat with a sturdy structure, Bombays are surprisingly heavy for their size, adult Bombay males weigh 8 to 11 pounds, and females between 6 to 9 pounds.

Their chests are full and quite rounded, backs are a level line from their shoulder to the tail.

two bombay catsImage wikipedia c.c.

The head of a Bombay is medium to large, round with a short muzzle, but should not look snubbed.

There is ample width between the eyes.

Bombays have medium size ears that are set wide apart on their rounded skull, the ears tilt forward slightly and have rounded tips.

The eyes are large, round and range from bright copper to gold, can be green in older cats.

The legs are of medium length, in proportion to the body, and the hind legs tend to be a little longer than the front.

Bombays often do not reach their full physical development, until they are around eighteen months old.

Temperament and Characteristics of Bombay Cats

A Bombay is very suitable as an indoor cat, as it has a calm, easy going temperament.

This is an intelligent breed that can, with patience, be taught tricks, and many have been trained to walk on a leash.

These cats get on extremely well with children, enjoy playing fetch and are generally happy to join in with all kind of games.

The Bombay has a dominant personality and if sharing a household with other cats, will endeavor to establish a position as the top cat.

Bombay cat

A lover of human company, a Bombay will lap up affection and will not be slow to give it, some of this breed do not enjoy being left on their own for too long.

They are inquisitive and, like many cats, will want to investigate any activity that their humans are engaged in.

If there is a shaft of sunlight coming in through the window, a Bombay will take the opportunity for a snooze in the warmth.

In general, these parlor panther cats have very healthy appetites, most are able to eat very well without becoming overweight.

Bombays and Grooming

The coat of the Bombay is lovely to touch, short and tight and so rich in natural oils that it requires virtually no maintenance whatsoever.

This is not to say that Bombay cats do not enjoy the occasional brushing, they certainly do. Such a tight coat sheds very little, another reason that cats of the Bombay breed are chosen as indoor cats.


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