Gizmos Could Not Save Gizmo

by Rachel Boone

I was about 8 and I wasn't feeling very well. So I laid down on the couch and took a nap. I was crying for my mommy but she was at work.

When I woke up I felt something on my belly. I opened my eyes and there sleeping on my stomach was the cutest little barn cat you have ever seen.

I think I startled him when I yelled for my mom because he jumped off of my stomach and started to play with everything electronic that he could get his little paws on.

I was like ''Mom I am gonna call him Gizmo because he likes to play with my gizmos.

We had many good times with Gizmo over the years. Like one day I was crying because my hamster died and Gizmo had the greatest way of cheering me up. He stood on his back paws and did a little conga dance.

One day we took Gizmo to the vet and the doctor said he had a bad case of worms and would need a heavy treatment.

We bought the stuff and gave (or tried as best as we could to give) him the treatment. Before we had given him the treatment he had ran around so much he had caused us to spill the bottle.

Unfortunately this adventurous little kitten's life came to an end on March 25th 2005.

He hadn't eaten or drank anything for a couple of days and when I tried putting him by his water bowl and encouraged him to drink he started to writhe on the floor like a snake with his head cut off. He was like that for 15 minutes and finally died and went limp. I was devastated.

We had no idea how he died at the time. Later that day after we buried him I was cleaning out the litter box and I found the reason Gizmo had died. Poor little Gizmo had died because he had pooped his intestines out.

Even though Gizmo died so young he will always be in my memories and my heart.

Gizmos Couldn't Save Gizmo

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