The Mounties Search for a Cat.

Frankie The Cat

by Tamie Miller

In June of 2000, my family was moving from Edmonton, Alberta to Winnipeg, Manitoba. My husband and kids flew to Winnipeg, but I didn't want to put my cats on the plane, so I loaded them up in my SUV and started to drive them to their new home.

I stopped in Lanigan, Saskatchewan at a park for a break and my 16 year old cat got out of the truck and took off after something.

Well, I searched for 5 hours, but could not find him.

I still had 7 hours of driving ahead of me, it was very hot, and I still had one cat in the truck (I had the air conditioning running for her).

On my way out of town, I called the RCMP (the police) and left a message that I lost my cat in the park. I am surprised that they could understand me through all of my tears, but one of female officers also had a cat his age and she broke down and cried too.

tabby cat in sunshine

The staff sergeant went home that day and told his family about Frankie, and later that evening, his teenage daughter and her friends went to search for him.

Word spread quickly through the small town, and soon everyone was watching for him.

The RCMP did hourly drives through the park and as it got dark, used the search lights. He never showed up that evening. The next day, the search continued, and it started raining.

At 1:00 am, one of the officers spotted him in the bush and tried to call him, but Frankie wouldn't come out.

The dispatcher then called the female officer that also has a cat to come out to the park, and amazingly, she crawled out of bed and went to the park in the rain. She managed to coax Frankie into the patrol car, then they took him back to the office.

On the outside door to the police station a sign was posted that Frankie The Cat was roaming around and no outside doors were to be opened unless extreme caution was used.

They called me the next morning and I drove the 7 hours back to Lanigan to pick up my cat. The RCMP went beyond the call of duty on this for me and I was extremely grateful.

I called the flower shop in town the next day to have flowers delivered to the police and when I said why I was sending them, the man on the phone said "You're Frankie's mom!!". I had to laugh.

Anyways, Frankie enjoyed two more wonderful years with us until at the age of 18, he passed away. 

Amazing. The Mounties are famous the world over for always getting their man. Seems the Mounties are pretty good at getting a cat too.

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