My new best friend...

by Jonathan Cordoba

My story begins on May 28 2002, a regular any old day.

I come home from school and see that my garage door is open. I get off of the bus and start to walk into my garage where my mom is folding clothes.

I start to get a little closer and I see an upside down basket on the floor.

There was a green pillow under the basket, and when I notice that I see a little white thing climbing on the inside of the basket. I take a closer look and say "it's a little kitten!"

Smaller than my hand, now I was in fourth grade when this happened so imagine how small my hand must have been.

My mom says to me that her and my step dad where taking their morning walk and they happen to hear a faint cry.

My step dad asks my mom what does she think that is?

And she says she don't know. But then they walk back home and get the truck and come back to where they heard the faint cry.

My Step dad got on the truck and jumped into someone's backyard, the same place that they heard the cry, the backyard was a mess.

white kitten

My mom knocked on the door and a lady came out.

My mom asked her if she could go into her backyard and see what the faint cry was, but it was too late my step dad was already there.

He called the fire department because that little noise was from a kitten stuck in a tube. She was dying.

They broke her free and when they did that he grabbed the kitten and ran into the car.

When no one was looking he took it home and gave it a bath. It was a girl. Then after that I get home and see her. She was so cute, I even got to feed her out of a bottle. that day I named her Luna.

Her name means moon in Spanish.

Her eyes were as beautiful as the moon itself. Till this day, three years later (2005) I still have her and she has become my best friend. There is no one like my Luna.  

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My New Best Friend