Ragdoll Cats

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Pick up Ragdoll cats and they are reputed to become limp and supple, that is how they got their name.

There is a highly unlikely myth that the first Ragdoll kittens inherited this trait because their white semi-longhair mother was injured by being hit by an automobile.

A far more likely explanation is that the nature of these cats stems from a coincidence of their character genes.

Another myth concerning this car accident is that Ragdoll cats are resistant to pain, this is complete nonsense of course.

Ragdolls are as sensitive to pain as any other living breathing creature.

Ragdoll Cats - The Beginning

The Ragdoll breed was created in 1963 in the state of California USA.

The original breeder, Ann Baker, claimed non-pedigree parentage, but it is very likely that both Birman and Burmese genes were present along the line.

Ann Baker founded the IRCA organization in 1971, and made very strict rules for owners of her Ragdolls. The IRCA is still in existence today, however the Ragdolls that are produced by the IRCA are not accepted by other major cat associations.

Denny Dayton owned a pair of Ann Baker's original IRCA Ragdoll cats and recognized that this beautiful breed needed to be standardized, and fought to get Ragdolls accepted by the different associations in the cat fancy.

The Ragdoll breed was first recognized in the United States in 1967.

An early alternative name was Cherubim, and some variations of the breed are known as Ragamuffins.

Ragdoll Cats - Appearance

This cat is powerfully built, it has a wide chest, large round paws, and a broad head with wide cheeks. The eyes are round, slightly slanted, and are of a very pleasing deep blue.

Ragdoll.Interest in the Ragdoll breed is increasing and that’s not surprising because they are beautiful and gentle felines.

Adult males weigh an average of 12 to 22 pounds or more, females weigh about 10 to 15 pounds on average.

The Guinness Book of world records lists the Ragdoll breed as the largest domestic cat.

Ragdoll's have dense silky coats, long haired but without an undercoat, so they do not have the grooming problems of Persians.

A colorpoint Ragdoll has darker points ears, tail, face, and feet, with a lighter body shade. The nose leather and paw pads match the color of its points.

Mitted Ragdolls have dark points and a lighter body shade, but also have white gloves (or mittens) on their forepaws, and white gauntlets (or laces) worn on their hind paws, a white chin, white ruff, and a white strip on the stomach.

A bi-color Ragdoll cat will have the dark points on the ears and tail, but the mask will be broken by an inverted V running between the eyes and widening into the muzzle. Bib, chest, underbody and front legs are white.

Bi-colors will have pink nose leather and paw pads.

Ragdoll kittens are born white and develop color slowly, the color will continue to deepen as the cat gets older.

Ragdoll Cat Longhair

Ragdoll Temperament

This breed is said to possess a non fighting instinct, in other words if they are attacked they do not fight back to defend themselves.

These gentle giants are also very trusting and view all humans as their friend, it is for this reason that it is often recommended that Ragdolls are kept as indoors only cats.

Ragdoll cat

The breed is very people oriented and these cats love to be around humans, often following their owners from room to room.

Ragdolls are extremely easy going, docile, non-aggressive cats, very good with children.

They tend to relax when held, you can put Ragdolls on their backs and rub their tummies which, unlike most cats, they enjoy immensely.

Ragdolls are fairly active and love playing with a good range of toys, and insist on being involved in whatever is going on. They have a quiet, pleasant voice which they do not over exercise but they will cry out at mealtimes.

There is a growing interest in Ragdoll cats and small wonder, for they are indeed a very beautiful cat with a sweet temperament.

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