Traditional Siamese Cats
 - Apple-Head or Classic

Traditional Siamese cats are one of the oldest natural breeds of cats.

Because modern show type Siamese have been bred to such an extreme slender body style, there has been a movement over recent years by some breeders to return to the original more moderate Siamese body style.

These Original Siamese cats are sometimes referred to by different names, some of which are: Apple-head, Applecat, Old Fashioned Siamese, Classic, Thai Cat, and Opal Cat.

Somewhat larger and much less angular than the Show Siamese, with a round instead of wedge shape head and ears of normal domestic cat size.

The body and neck are not elongated.

A muscular breed, male Traditional Siamese weigh from 10 to 15 pounds, and females 8 to 12 pounds.

When the breed's presence first graced the west, it often had a kinked tail and crossed eyes.

These faults were at first taken to be characteristics of the breed. Today however, they are recognized as mutations and have, all but, been bred out.

Traditional Siamese

Siamese reach sexual maturity at a very early age, so spaying is highly recommended by six months. Males that have been neutered early, usually do not spray.

These Old Fashioned Siamese cats make extremely good pets being affectionate, intelligent, and full of personality.

Some can be mischievous but rarely are they vicious, and most are very laid back and tolerant, and therefore are good with children.

Most are receptive of affection and are willing participants in play time, but when they wish to be left alone they will make themselves scarce.

Generally this breed gets on well with other cats and most will tolerate dogs.

A very attractive cat type with their splendid colorpoint pattern coats and brilliant blue eyes that shine like opals - hence the alternative name, Opal Cat.

The variety is very robust, generally has very few health problems and is long living, 20 years or more is not unknown.

They are very hearty eaters, but do not usually suffer weight problems.

Traditional Siamese cats keep themselves very clean and well-groomed, all that is normally required is a combing, or brushing, to take out excess hairs.

Most (but be warned, not all) Classic Siamese cats are less noisy than the Modern (Show) Siamese cats. They can still be loud if seeking attention but most have a pleasant meow.

Siamese Cat Pictures
If you are a fan of the aristocratic Siamese cat, what better way to liven up your decor than with pictures of Siamese cats and kittens.

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