The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats - Cat Breeds and Cat Care

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats - Cat Breeds and Cat Care

A review by Larry Chamberlain.

This book is divided roughly into two sections. The first part being the cat care section, and I have nothing but praise for it.

I do have one or two small criticisms about the cat breed section, but basically this part also earns my thumbs up.

I have had this book for some eight years now, and it has not ever rested on the shelf for too long, consequently it has become rather dog eared. A good sign, I think, that it has indeed been a useful volume.

The cat care section really is a feast of information - advice on all aspects of kitten and cat care. Anything and everything you need to know about the well-being of your mouser, just look it up.

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats - Cat Breeds and Cat Care - Section One.

  • Introducing the Domestic Cat. A complete history from the domestic cat's wildcat ancestry, right through to the cat we know and love today. OK, not cat care, but very interesting and good to know.
  • Choosing the Right Cat. Why choose a cat? Which sort of cat to choose? Longhair or Shorthair? Gender and Age? Where to find a healthy kitten. What to look for. Checking an adult cat. And more.
  • Creating the Right Environment. Great advice on getting your new kitty settled in. The correct way to hold and handle your cat, do you know? Selecting your cat's bedding, litter pan, feeding equipment. Carriers, collars, identity tags and leads. Which toys will your cat like the best? (your cat says you must read this part.)
  • Care at Home and Away. Controlling a cat's territory. The dangers in the home and in the garden. Access to the outside world, do you give it, or not? When you have to go away. Tips for traveling with your cat. Advice on boarding out your cat.
  • Nutrition and Feeding. What routine does you and your cat need to get into? Overeating and obesity, how to avoid both. Does your cat enjoy a balanced diet? How much and how often do you feed your cat? Does your cat have special needs?
  • Grooming. Cats are fastidious animals and spend a large part of their waking hours to grooming themselves. A little extra help from you their human friend is required. This chapter will tell, and show, all that you need to know.
  • Behavior and Intelligence. The art of communication. The basic instincts of your cat. Cat body language. The effect of neutering. Behavior problems, how do you deal with them? Dealing with aggression.
  • General Care and Everyday Health. A cat is a survivor, and if injured, will very often keep on going heedlessly. This makes it tricky for you to spot that something's wrong. This chapter will give you a little understanding about the strengths and weaknesses of your kitty's body and help to alert you to the first signs of illness or injury.
  • Injuries and Ailments. This chapter covers so much. In most cases of injury or disease you will need to call your vet, but much can be done by you at home in the way of general nursing and first aid for your cat - with this informative (and very comprehensive) chapter.

All of these chapters on cat care are illustrated with outstanding photography, some of which are very amusing as well as being beautiful.

Others are informative, being used to illustrate a particular point of cat care.

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats - Cat Breeds and Cat Care. (Too long a title, I'm going to refer to it as simply Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats.)

The Cat Breeds Section

This section also has hundreds of fantastic photographs. So many in fact, that with some of the breed profiles, there is not too much space left for the words.

Is this a problem?

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats, Cat Breeds & Cat Care

Well that does depend on what you want from the book.

If you just want to know what a Tonkinese, for example, looks like, then the photos in the Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats will show you for sure.

If all you want to know is a little about the breed then the text should satisfy you, but if you want to more, with some of the breeds you may feel a little short changed.

Which breeds are covered? All the main recognized breeds such as the Persian, from the hairless Sphinx, the Manx, the Balinese to the ever popular shorthair breeds; and the rarer breeds such as the Ocicat, Singapura and the Japanese Bobtail.

The only question really is...

Is this the cat book for you?

Considering the amount of solid information in the cat care section, and the wonderful photographs throughout the Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats, this volume should keep any cat lover more than happy.

I fully recommend it.

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