A Cat Who Paints

by Billy Slee

My full name is William Lambykins Pit-Woofie Slee; one simple name never seemed to suit me.

You can call me Billy Slee, it's what my family calls me.

Rescued in the fall of 1988, a stray kitten dropped off at a city mall, I've since lived contentedly in Storrs, Connecticut for nearly two decades.

I'm affectionately known as "The Eleven Cent Cat" to my veterinarian, having eaten that amount in change.

In surviving the stomach operation to have it removed, my 'grandmother' and sponsor might have that read the "The Three Hundred Dollar and Eleven Cent Cat".

But that's not my real story here!

An erudite cat living near a University can learn a lot in 17 years. By strict definition, perhaps, I am an indoor 'domestic short-hair'. I live in defiance of labels, and in celebration of my various talents.

My hobbies, relatives and friends have brought me many places and shown me much of the world.

Last year I discovered the hobby of "letterboxing" with my 'Mom' and 'Dad'. It's like a woodland "hide and seek" hobby for grownups (and families, and cats, and oh, dogs too.)

Through this great activity, on my little cat leash and little cat paws I've hiked to some amazing places, some, undiscovered places, in my own "backyard"!

I've always been one to use my paws. I have accomplished much, and have overcome great obstacles, even without opposable thumbs.

My new-found Letterboxing hobby (*not litterboxing, that's *completely different!) has me stamping into the Log Books that I find, and this has opened a whole new creative window for me.

Cat Stamp Art.

Recently I've been exploring the world of art. I've discovered through my painting that I've a unique talent for capturing the images of my travels and my surroundings.

One of my favorite mediums to work in is (non-toxic) Ink and Stamp Pad.

It's my pleasure now to share my enthusiasm with the world! I take great joy in creating my paintings, and hope you find the same jubilation in my different works of Cat Stamp Art.

I invite you to browse my current exhibition of Cat Paintings in the Feline Art Gallery. You can even watch a movie clip of me painting.

Enjoy the rest of my website too! Visit with my family, see more of my writing, find some important cat tips and humorous instructional guides. Learn more about my work and other rare instances of cats who can paint.

Hey, Billy Slee you're one heck of a cat. I'd bet that you are worth a little more than 'eleven cents' to your 'Mom' and 'Dad'.

Letterboxing sure sounds interesting and fun, but please don't let it distract you from your mission in life - creating cat stamp art, that is your vocation, the world needs a cat who paints and your masterpieces.


Sadly Billy Slee passed away September 14, 2007, at the grand old age of 19 years old.  

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A Cat Who Paints