A dedication to my "PRETTY GURL MOKO" with the crooked tail

by Lorac
(New Zealand)

Our baby Moko

Our baby Moko

This cat was a very special and unique cat one i've never seen before.The day she was born was a lucky day for her because we could hear kittens meowing so decided to go hunting and yip there were 4 kittens,2 black an 2 gray.

When we found this special kitten she had fallen down thru a gap,a gap the mother couldn't get to, so my partner picked up the little soul and put it on the mothers tit, it wasn't meowing, it was cold and to me that meant it didn't make it,then all of a sudden the mum started licking it and it meowed,we were all relieved.

As a few days went by we kept checking on the babies and noticed this cats tail was bent in half thinking it was from how it fell down the gap,it must of broke her tail.However we fell in love with her and called her MOKO which means grandchild in Maori,she was our baby.She was the only one we named for a long time then we ended up with the whole 5 but she was our number one.

About 3mnths ago we lost her to a horrible death regarding a dog the whole family were devastated.We had a little service and my son sung a Maori song for her which was beautiful,she lies outside in the yard so every morning we get to see her.I asked my clairvoyant friend how my cat is and she said shes having a blast and that made me feel happy because i've missed her dearly.

Going back to the crooked tail scenario well my mothers cats next litter had crooked tails to,so now we know that its in the breed why my pretty girl had the crooked tail and not cos she was stuck down the gap. We did have a namesake after her with a crooked tail named Mokomoko but we gave her away because we already had to many and this story is dedicated to her "Moko" may you rest in peace pretty, we all love you xxx

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Jan 21, 2010
special cat
by: Anonymous

Hi I don't think a crooked tail makes a cat any breed, but I had a cat that had one.

We got her when she was a kitten, the crooked tail stay all her life.

She grew to be an energetic cat always tearing around the place but she was sweet as pie and we loved her lots.

Bad thing that you lost your special cat but good that you have other cats now.

Oct 27, 2009
A pretty gurl indeed.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Lorac,

Moko was indeed a very pretty gurl , thank you very much indeed for sharing her story with us.

I'm so sorry to read that she was lost at only three months, but while she was with you she had your love. I hope that your other cats bring you as much joy as Moko did.

Larry (Editor)

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