My Cat Haui, A Friend Forever

by Marguerite Heng

Haui came into our lives in September of 1986. He was 8 weeks old and just a cute bundle of fur. He was an Orange Colored Tabby Kitten.

He grew up to be a very sweet kitty with an intelligence and charm that reach far into your heart.

He loved to have his chin scratched and at times would nuzzle your hand and put his head under it so you would pet him.

I have never met a cat that was so smart. He was my alarm clock for a very long time.

When I worked, he would wait for me outside the garage door and meow when he heard me get out of the car.

I moved in with my Mother after my divorce, and, at the time, she had asthma, she taught him not to go in her bedroom, get on her chair or her couch.

He never did, but he loved her because she feed him while I was at work. He would come and sit in front of her and meow when he was hungry. She always knew when I was coming home because he left the house at exactly the same time every day.

Haui was quite the traveler. When we moved from California to Louisiana, he got so use to the car he never meowed any more when we went to the vet.

He was almost fifteen when we moved and with all the wonderful smells he would wander too far off so he because a housecat. He got use to his routine.

Every morning, after he ate, he would come in the computer room, jump up on the table, and sit by the window while I had my coffee and pulled up my e-mail. When I left, he left.

When we had a guest, he would come in to see who was here go up to them meow, sniff them and leave.

Haui loved to lie down on my chest while I watched TV. When it was time to go to bed, I would turn off the TV and say, "Well, Kitty, it's time to go to bed." I would then do my nightly routine, and when I came into my bedroom there he would be lying on his side of the bed.

ginger cat

When we went out, he was always waiting for us on the computer table, looking out the door.

I would say hi sweet Kitty, and he would jump down and wait by the kitchen door for us to come in.

We even took him on vacation, and he slept in the backseat on his own blanket. People would look at us strangely when we stopped for gas and they would spot him looking out the window. He didn't mind the ride because he was with the three people he loved the most.

Haui passed away around 9:40 p.m. on August 20, 2005. He had not been feeling well for about a week. He had been diagnosed with a tumor on his kidney in January. Because of his age the changes of him surviving a surgery was 25 per cent. So we took him home knowing he wasn't long for this world.

We loved him, hugged him and kissed him until the very end. My son, Steve, had him with him at the computer in his lap and brought him to the living room telling me he was sneezing. I looked at him, and I knew he wasn't sneezing he was having a trouble breathing. I told Steve I think he is going to die soon.

So I said, "let's take him to my room and put him on the bed". I had a little blanket on the bed that he had been sleeping on.

So we lied down with him and said a little prayer, and he took his final breathe lying in between the two of us with me holding his paw and Steve petting his head.

If anyone has had a cat for nineteen years and loved him with all their hearts it was us.

We decided to have a vigil with him in the family room and talked of all his wonderful ways and what a sweet kitty he was. We knew we would have to bury him the next morning. We wrapped him his sheepskin and put him a beautiful blue, silk, pillow slip.

On Sunday we dug a grave for him under a pine tree. It had a little white fence around it and now has a white angel looking over him, a kitty painted to look like him and St. Francis to watch over him.

It was strange that he left us around the time he and I always used to go to bed. We will never in our lives have another kitty as sweet, as smart or as good as this little guy was. He was the best friend Steve and I had. Whenever we use to have problems, we would talk to him. He was the best psychiatrist we ever had.

It is very hard to believe he is not with us. It was so hard to look at him and know he was gone. He looked like he was sleeping so peacefully. We shall remember him until the day we die.

He came into our lives at 8 weeks old and left at 19 years. The time went by so fast. For a small kitty, he was such a large presence in our home, and always let us know he was here.

Haui lived such a good, long life with lots of love and lots of kisses. That is the story of gentle, sweet Haui.

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A Friend Forever