A lucky shot. This is pretty much what Weeka thinks of everybody...

by K.K.
(Ventura, California)

This is Weeka, 14-year-old black female feline residing in Ventura, California. Originally named Wicca, for all stereotypical black cat reasons. The evolution of her name began during the Pokemon craze of 2000 (I was 28 then and have no kids, so don't ask me why...). For some reason I nicknamed her Weeka-chu (rhymes with Pikachu), which sometimes became Chu-chu, and other times became Pie-pie (again, don't ask -- I was drinking a lot back then! }:-) ). Finally it settled on just Weeka. None of this really matters though, 'cuz she never comes when I call her!

Favorite activities: Sleeping, sleeping in the sunshine, eating crunchy kitty krack treats, being adored with the kitty brush, sleeping on the bed.

Least favorite activities: Getting toe nails clipped or having back feet touched for ANY reason, when the minion lady uses that vacuum cleaner thingy, being annoyed by the minion's vast array of squeak "toys".

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Jan 28, 2008
big black cat
by: Trench.

That is a big cat. They don't like having the nails clipped do they.

Oct 16, 2007
What a fantastic photo!
by: Larry (editor)

Hi K.K.,

What a fantastic photo!

I think that I would be sticking my tongue out too if I’d had my name changed that often! Lucky shot or not that is a brilliant photograph, and a magnificent cat, thank you very much for sharing it.


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