Aislinn the Orphaned Kitten

by J.C.

I met Aislinn when she was five weeks old - a client from my workplace brought her in after finding her, and the sight was enough to break your heart. She was malnourished and her eyes were sealed shut from infection. She was screaming so loudly I could hear her from across the building. Me being a total sap, I volunteered to foster her.

Immediately when she got home, she wanted to play despite being almost blind (that should have been my first clue that she was going to be trouble).

I administered antibiotics and fed her every four hours around the clock for a good week and a half. When the eye infection cleared up, another problem was revealed: both her eyes had been injured somehow, and a corneal ulcer clouded most of her right eye.

The ulcer ruptured shortly afterward, and the eye had to be removed. I was a nervous wreck during the surgery because she was barely three pounds, but she got through it perfectly and I brought her home the same day.

She's around nine months old now and has no idea she's missing an eye. Her remaining eye still has some scar tissue, which is what the little cloudy spot is over her pupil, but her vision seems to be very good.

She's at full tilt all the time, with a strong inclination toward mischief. It's like she's plugged into a battery that never wears out. She's constantly in some kind of trouble - playing in the bathroom sink, burrowing in boxes of holiday decorations, knocking jewelry off my dresser and strewing it all over the bedroom... there's never a dull moment.

I've fostered a lot of cats, but I've never met one with a stronger will to live. It's just in her nature to be happy, no matter what life throws at her.

And yes, she's become a permanent member of my clan. ;)

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Feb 15, 2013
A little diamond.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi J.C.

What a wonderful heartwarming story. Thank you for being a total sap and saving a beautiful loving black cat.

A troublemaker? Yes Aislinn looks a little like she may be, but aren't those kitties often the best kind :0) You have done a marvelous job with her, she looks happy and ready to take on the world.

"She's around nine months old now and has no idea she's missing an eye."

Cats are wonderfully resilient aren't they. I once had a tabby that lost a leg, didn't stop him from doing just about anything.

Thank you very much indeed for sharing Aislinn's story and photograph with us J.C. She is a little diamond.

Larry (editor)

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