Baby Otiss is a monster

by Arianna Hernandez
(Pasadena, CA USA)

I have a two month old kitten I took in. He is the absolute love of my life. Not only is he handsome, but he's very silly and smart. I just have one little problem, he's a total brat!

My boyfriend and I will be playing with him and his favorite toy and all of a sudden my hand is being bitten. I push him away and hand him his toy, but he prefers my hand.After I remove my hand he stares me down, and attacks my arm, luckily i learned how to trim his little claws, but his teeth are very sharp.

I never yell at him, I was told soft calm voice is best. When hes not biting he is ambushing peoples legs from under the bed. He's got so much energy I sometimes worry about him. What do I do, he's a little monster. Help!!

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Sounds Normal :)
by: Kat

He sounds like a perfectly normal kitten. He should calm down as he gets older, so long as you remember to get him neutered around 6 months old so his playfulness doesn't become aggression and it nicks most other problems too. It's just the same as puppies when they go through the teething and wrestling stage. It's part of being a kid lol.

Maybe use a laser toy or a wand toy with a 'mouse' or feathers on the end of it to distract him and get some energy out. Also getting him a cat tree or scratching post to claw at instead of family members or furniture will help as well.

If a kitten is taken too early from the mother they also can have biting problems from not being socialized and having time to learn what is ok and not from their mother and siblings. We had a kitten we got someone dropped off on the side of the road at 4 weeks old, and he had a biting problem that took him until he was 2 years old to outgrow. Now he's a very laid back 7 year old who is a giant teddy bear. :)

He does not want to hurt you.
by: Jobaputra

I do not think your little baby cat means harm. I am thinking all kittens or most do this and it is something they learn to stop doing.

He likes your hand better than toy because it is something alive that moves and so is better to attack. Better for you to keep your hand out of his reach when you can.

Enjoy your handsome kitten he will grow to a handsome cat that does not bite.

Monster? a question of time.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Arianna,

Otiss sounds like a little darling, even if he is a monster :0)

At two months he is still very much a baby and very much in the learning stage. When he was with his litter mates he had them to play fight with and this is how kittens develop their defense skills. Their instincts tell them to do this even though they no longer have a life in the jungle but are domestic pets.

All that though does not help you with the biting problem.

You are correct that yelling probably will not help. If the soft calm voice has no effect, you could try a little firmer 'No.' Most likely though, he will stop, look a little puzzled or shocked, and then carry on trying to bite. Best thing is to end playtime each time he tries to bite. Then resume playing a little later. That, of course, is not going to work instantly, it will take many playtimes if it works at all.

Why not try a wand type toy so your hands remain out of his reach?

I hate to give this answer, but it is probably all a question of time. As you say Otiss is a ball of energy, kittens are when they are not sleeping :0)

Give him patience and time, you have a wonderful kitten there. Oh and that leg ambush thing, yes I know all about that, it hurts! Time again, and keep him out of the bedroom if you can.

Good luck.
Larry (editor)

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