Bandit is my black cat they are not bad luck i think that's dumb to say.

My bandit came from ulster spca, when i first bought him home he would not come out for 2 months. He came from a very bad place i got bandit June 26,2012.

He has come along ways with me keep talking to him and reaching out to him now he trusts me, is very lovable hes very special.

2 months later i got another cat to be with bandit a very sweet calico name princess from dutchess spca. She also when thru hell, they get along very well and love each other, look out the windows together and they and many other wonderful things.

Oh yes princess is doing very well too cause i not give up on them they had the best of everything and i love them with all my heart.

Anyone that abuses animals should get life that's the way i feel in closing they all are special and should be love and treated like kings and queens.

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Jul 11, 2013
They have you to love them now.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Lynne,

Thank you very much for telling us about Bandit and Princess, they sound like a fine pair of cats. Of course, Bandit is no more bad luck than is Princess.

Good for you for adopting two rescue cats. Sorry to read that they both had a hard time before, but they have you to love them now. As you are finding out, rescue pets often turn out to be the very best.

Yes, I too cannot understand or forgive anyone who abuses or mistreats an animal.

Thank you very much for your submission once again Lynne.

Larry (editor)

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