Black and White Cat Pictures

Brighten up your walls with these magnificent Black and White Cat Pictures.

Pictures of black and white cats and kittens. What do you call black and white cats? Tuxedo, Billicat, Cow Cat, Moo Cat, Pied, Magpie or Jellicle? It doesn't matter what you call them, black and white kittens and cats are magnificent.

Black And White Cat Pictures Will Look Simply Splendid In Any Room That You Display Them In.

John W Golden Tuxedo Art Print Poster

Freckles In Flowers
Tuxedo Kitty Cat Wall Poster / Art Print by Diane Clancy's Art

Tuxedo Cat with Lilies Posters

Tuxedo cat - Art Print on Canvas
(32x24 inches, unframed)

Tuxedo cat - Art Print on Canvas
(32x24 inches, unframed)

BeautifulTuxedo cat - Art Print on Canvas
(24x16 inches , unframed)

Cat-Fatso - Canvas Wall Scroll Poster
(Watercolor style 32x24 inches)

Wash Day by Dotty Chase Art Print Wall Picture
Size 11 x 14 inches

Phoebe by William Vanderdasson
Framed Art Print Wall Picture
Choice of sizes.

Felix the Cat from the old cartoon series is a famous black and white cat, so too is Jess from the children's TV show. However, most of us prefer pictures that are of real cats, and don't they photograph well.

Tuxedo cats are those cats who’s markings resemble a formal dress dinner suit, a tuxedo cat can look very important and imposing.

Cow cats are mainly white with black splodges they are called cow cats because they resemble spotted sheep. No not sheep, cows. :0) Magpie cats are named after the black and white bird.

Many cats are mainly white and have a black 'mask'. These endearing cats can look very cheeky and mischievous, they are often given names such as bandit or mystery.

The black and white color combination is not a specific breed of cat, it's a coat pattern that occurs in many breeds as well as, of course, good old mixed breed moggies.

Enjoy your cat pictures.

Black and White Cat

Tuxedo Cats : Out on the town.
Black and white tuxedo cats look very formal and distinguished as if all dressed up for a swanky affair.

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