Black Cat Pictures

People collect black cat pictures, perhaps considering them to be lucky. Owning an inky feline is thought to be very lucky indeed, and who knows, maybe a fine art print, or poster, of a beautiful black cat, can also bring you good fortune.

Lucky or not, pictures of black cats are a pleasure to own, and are treasures that you, and your guests, can appreciate, and admire for many, many years.

The black cat prints and pictures shown on this page are all available to order online, and you can be assured that all transactions are conducted over secure servers. Your black cat pictures are available framed, or unframed, and are delivered to you with full guarantee.

Superstitions abound about black cats even in these supposedly enlightened times. Folks believe all kind of things, some believe that black cats are lucky cats and bring good fortune. Others are convinced that these felines are unlucky and ill fortune awaits anyone who shares their home with one.

Both beliefs are of course completely false. A black cat is just a cat the same as any other. These cats can be beautiful, magnificent and mysterious looking and like any cat can make a wonderful, loving pet.

It is probably a spillover from the dark ages that some people believe black cats to be bad. In the 15th century many held the belief that witches kept cats as familiars. If a cat happened to be black, a color associated with mystery and magic it was taken as proof that the poor creature was evil. Black cats and superstition.

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