Black Cat Put A Spell On Me!

by Under a Spell

It was the first time that I had been invited in my then girlfriend's apartment. There on the arm of the sofa was this large, very large, black cat.

“Oh how nice, you have a cat” I said, being polite because at that time I had no particular likening for cats.

Don't read me wrong, I had nothing against cats just was not a cat person, not a pet person at all.

This big black cat, Jenny was her name, sort of had me spooked at first. I felt like the cat was weighing me up, like she was probing my mind with those green eyes of hers. And I'll tell the truth, I was sort of jealous of that cat, like she was a rival for my girlfriends affection. That girlfriend, name don't matter now, was very affectionate to Jenny, her cat after all. But I wanted the attention on me.

Well over time things turned around somehow. I got the idea that I may just as well make friends with this cat rival who was always going to be in the apartment anyway. So I started to pet her, and got to like it, I also noted that my sucking up to the cat raised me up in the estimation of the girlfriend, and that was no bad thing I thought.

Jenny the black cat must have put her spell on me. Before long I was giving more attention to the cat than I was the girlfriend. In fact more then once I arrived at the apartment and picked up Jenny and petted her before I had hugged the girlfriend hello.

I can tell you now, that did not go down to well!

That little relationship, with the girlfriend, ran its course, started well but then as usual, it fell apart.

You know what, I missed the cat more than the girlfriend when we split. And that spell that Jenny put upon me must have been mighty powerful because I now have quite a likening for cats. So much so that I might just get myself one for the company, and it might just be a big old back one with green eyes!

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Dec 07, 2008
Your black cat companion.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Under a Spell,

Jenny must have put quite a spell on you to turn you from a non cat person into a cat person :0)

But cats, being irresistible, have a habit of doing that. But when you get your black cat companion (and you know you will) don't be surprised if a girlfriend pays more attention to the cat than you!

Great black cat story, thank you very much for sharing it.

Larry (Editor)

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