Black Cat Superstition Is So Very Wrong.

by Caroline Mead Friday.

I cannot understand all the hoo hah and superstition (and worse) about black cats, I have read and heard some terrible nonsense. I have had four black cats including my lovely boy that I have now, wonderful animals all of them.

My life is the same as anyone else, it has its good and bad moments, if something bad happens to me that's just life, I do not blame it on my cat. My cat is one of the best things in my life, he is certainly a friend, a comforter, someone who actually listens and makes life very worthwhile.

If you ever decide to get a cat for a pet I'll give you a tip, go to a rescue shelter and choose a black cat. There will be at least one there and probably many, people don't pick black cats, their ridiculous superstitions cause them to pass the cat over. Don't you pass the cat over, choose him or her and you will have picked the sweetest and the best I guarantee it.

We have just gotten through Halloween, I held my boy indoors for the days leading to it, he did not like it one bit but it was the best thing to do. There are crazy people, who will harm a cat simply because it is black. Halloween gives them an excuse to chase cats or throw things at them or worse. Stupid cruel and ignorant nonsense.

It is not a harmless superstition like not walking under ladders or throwing spilled salt over your shoulder. The stupid beliefs cause ignorant people to actually harm cats and that's not right!

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Nov 30, 2011
by: Kat

Very well put. And I highly applaud you keeping him in on the holiday. :)
It is agreed completely that the only bad luck comes from the superstitious people who will hurt the black cats. We had our one cat get stolen from our yard on Halloween in 2005, and we still miss him terribly. People can be cruel and heartless, and that's no fault of the cats. But we keep all of our kitties indoors-only now. I just wish we could get our other cat back and know he's alright, but being it was that time of year and he's black, I doubt it. :( <3

Nov 22, 2011
Stop stupid beliefs
by: Man by the river.

When will people stop believing in stupid nonsense, probably not anytime soon.

Keep on keeping your pet indoors at Halloween it's the best thing you can do, sadly.

Nov 16, 2011
Completely ill-founded.
by: Larry (editor)

I absolutely agree with you that all the superstitions about black cats are completely ill-founded. It is also true that some sadistic people use those myths as an excuse to harm cats.

Of course, not everyone who believes those myths would actually do evil things, but may not want to adopt a black cat. Their loss I'd say.

A cat of any color or breed just wants to be cared for and loved.

Very sensible of you to keep your cat in at Halloween. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us Caroline.

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