Black cat superstitions.

by Slow Joe

You made me smile when you said that chasing black cats from your house will bring bad luck! Somebody ought to tell my old neighbor that.

Ten years back, the lady I was living with and myself had four cats, two of which were solid black the other two tabbies. Whenever one of the black cats hopped over the fence into his garden he would shoo them straight out again. Not so with the tabbies, he’d let them stay and even let them wander into his house!

When he’d come over to our house he’d pet the black cats along with the others, never showed that he had anything against black cats. He must have been carrying those black cat superstitions though; he didn’t like them near him unless they had to be.

A cat is a cat ain’t it? I’ve never believed a black cat will bring bad luck. All cats are good luck charms I think, life is better with a cat than without. The cat I have now, Bella, is a beauty. Bella is not quite solid black, she has a small white patch at the top of her chest, just below her chin.

I try not to be superstitious about anything. If something bad happens, it just happens, that’s life. Whatever it was it was not caused by a cat, black or otherwise.

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Feb 16, 2012
Bad things.
by: '

This is an old tale but I' am going to add my two cents anyway.

I had a great day looking after two of my grandkids, that's something I do not have the chance to do often, shame.

The day was going well except I noticed that they both were playing happily with my Siamese but ignoring and shying from my black cat. I had a gentle word with them about it. They told me their pals had told them that if you touched a black cat all sorts of bad things happen to you.

I put them straight and I'm glad to say that by the end of the day they were happy to play with both my cats. From then on they always asked about the cat and were very upset when he passed from this life.

Feb 17, 2010
Fully respect Black Cats and Animals
by: Anonymous

I think all black cats and black dogs and black birds need to be respected and not to be told off by strangers and some times by their owners.

I witnessed how one of my neighbours shoo and told my black cat to get out of her garden and not to sit on his car's bonet and scared my cat away at front of me. The car was a really new and beautiful sports car which he bought recently.

But not suprisingly, one day after he did that with my black cat, when he tuned into his drive way i noticed that the side his car had an accident.

Mar 13, 2008
Neighbor sounds like he had superstitions
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Joe,

I think you are right, your neighbor sounds like he had superstitions about black cats alright!

I also agree that a cat is a lucky pet and companion to have, black or not.

Great story, thanks for sending it in.

Larry (editor)

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