Black Cats and Luck-I have several stories to tell

by Katherine L.
(Hawley, PA, USA)

Ecstasy on the front porch, coming to me when I called him to take his photo

Ecstasy on the front porch, coming to me when I called him to take his photo

Ecstasy on the front porch, coming to me when I called him to take his photo
 Opal with 2 of my other cats
Magick more recently
Neptune and me the year he went missing :( <3 I love and miss you Neptune, wherever you are.

Bad luck? Never. I have 11 cats, 2 of which are black, one girl and one boy. We've had the boy for 7 years, since he was a kitten, and the girl for almost 9 years now, also since she was a kitten. They are just like all the other cats.

The only bad luck that ever came from owning a black cat is that we had a 3rd black kitty, a boy, who went missing on Halloween in 2005. We had him since he was born...his mommy is a grey tabby cat and we still have her and his dad, the other black boy I mentioned-they are spayed/neutered now with all of our cats.

It is the people around black cats that are superstitious that are bad luck, not the cats. That's as ridiculous as saying black humans or black dogs are bad luck. It's just a color.

When I was just about 9 years old, we got our first black cats, 2 brothers that were half purebred Himalayan, very lovable cats. Our neighbors were superstitious about black cats, which was odd, considering they were also black themselves. They would let our oldest cat, Patches-white with tabby spots, in their house when I visited, but they locked out the black cats when I visited them, for a few weeks.

Eventually after seeing me with them and me pointing out it's technically the same as human racism, they realized they weren't any different than Patches, and actually grew attached to them. I caught them putting out cat food for Midnight, Patches, and Ecstasy a few times (they owned a mackeral orange tabby bi-color), and once even gave Midnight part of his sandwich when he sat in his chair on the back deck. The neighbors admit they had no bad luck for the year we had the cats before we moved, and when we did they gave us their phone numbers to keep in touch because we were all friends. They said they would even miss the kitties.

As for the brothers after we moved in with my grandmother, they passed away young because they were allowed outdoors (I hate letting pet cats outside but many people, including my parents and grandparents, think it's okay to have them in and out) and we believe someone poisoned one-Midnight (our new neighbor didn't like black cats either), and the other-Ecstasy, someone hit with a car.

I had a bad dream the night before Ecstasy -(meaning pure happiness), got hit by a car...where I actually saw the car hit him, and told my grandma the night before not to let him outside the next day. My grandmother took out the trash in the morning, and he got out. A lady called an hour or so later saying she was so sorry and had bad news (our phone number was on his ID tag). He'd gotten hit trying to cross the road and she didn't see him, and he was coming this way...he was just trying to come home.

I still miss my Neptune so very much-(our 3rd black kitty who went missing in 05' on Halloween). I still go outside sometimes and hope to see him come frolicking up to me to be picked up and held when I sit on the steps or go to lie down on the couch. I still cry sometimes when I think about it. Someone hurt or stole him, and we'll never know what happened to him. We'd have exactly an even 12 cats right now, and of all of them, he was the sweetest, and friendliest. And someone took him from us.

To top it all off, someone tried to steal Magick, the other boy black cat we still have, around Christmas the same year. He came home the day after Christmas with his collar cut off and a gash on his neck, smelling like shampoo and terrified of people. He buried his head in my coat once I got him to come out from under our porch and would flinch at every fast movement for several years after that. He's indoor-only now with the other cats.

Opal, our only black girl kitty we saved as kittens who were put outside from a lady in a trailor over-run with cats, with our grey and white kitty, our oldest cats we have, back about 9 years ago. The lady said if we could catch them we could keep them and the SPCA was there to help catch the remaining kittens and spay/neuter and adopt them out. We've had 9 good years so far, with the exception of Neptune's disappearance. :( <3

Cats are the best luck in any color, and they help lower stress levels (if you aren't afraid of them) and blood pressure, and comfort their owners in times of sadness or depression. They have feelings too.

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Apr 23, 2011
Just a color.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Katherine,

If it was possible to give your story six stars out of five, I'd do it. Thank you very much indeed for sharing with us. Thank you also for your splendid photographs of Ecstasy, Opal, Magick and Neptune.

I do so much agree with you that black is just a color, it does not make the cat at all unlucky. I too believe that keeping the company of a cat is good for you.

As you say, there have been studies that found stroking a cat can reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. There are also many other reasons that a well loved pet improves your well being I'd say. So, yes I'd agree, cats are lucky.

Larry (Editor)

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