Black Cats - What does this mean?...

by DT
(Mpls, MN)

One night a Black cat was roaming around our apt building and my niece had her friends over and they all noticed it outside and walking next to the windows. I assumed it might have been my neighbors cat because she has a few of them I noticed previously. So I let the Black cat in and one of my niece's friend picked it up as we went to my neighbors apt with the cats to ask if it was hers.

Unfortunately, my neighbor decline as being hers but offered to take it in and take care of it in the mean time, but I for some reason declined and stated that I would take care of it. Further more, my neighbor gave us some cat food to help, which was greatly appreciated. I then proceed to get a bowl of milk and have the idea to bring the Black cat out to our garage to hang out and eat and drink.

So my niece and her friends, the Black cat and I went into my garage, set the bowl of food and the bowl of milk down and I laid out the quilt that my God Mother made for me, so that the Black cat would have a place to lay as it ate and drank. So we left toward the outside of the garage as we let the Black cat eat and drink. And so I figured that I didn't want to lock it in the garage or leave the garage wide open, so I just closed the garage door just enough until it was about ankle height in order for it to go back and forth. As I closed the garage to that height, it spooked the Black cat and it walked over to my niece and her friends. Once the garage was at ankles height, I went over to the kids and the Black cat and picked it up and petted it and we talked to it and the kids were asking questions and then we were done and ready to say goodbye.

So, i let the Black cat go and it went under the garage door through the opening I allotted for it into the garage, but then as I turned around to bring everyone back inside, I found a dollar bill laying on the ground folded up... I asked if it was the kids, they all said no shaking their heads in their pajamas, and I was in my shorts with no pockets at all and neither having a dollar on me before I left my apt with the kids... It was so mysterious to me... This was a long time ago and I don't remember what I did with the dollar being that I probably didn't pay any attention to the significance or superstition behind it...

But then I began to become completely superstitious thereafter once I kept seeing Black cats cross my path everywhere I went... At home many times, at school near the house I lived in on campus, at my gf's home, at friends homes, all around town at random places...?!?!?! And after every time I've seen them I'd always receive good luck afterwards, such as winning money at the casino, or getting an opportunity at a job, or receiving a raise or great sale, or getting promoted, etc. Most of the time it was winning money or somehow getting an increase in funds somehow from somewhere...........

But then as I think about it recently, life has always been a rollercoaster for me before and recently when seeing Black cats I try to pay no attention to and I slightly can see some of the good things or luck that has happened afterwards. Like getting a raise or promoted, or acknowledgment finally from my boss, or my parents being more proud of me, or meeting a new girl, or feeling of not losing my job, etc. But is that really why or cuz of the Black cat?...

Honest to GOD just minutes ago, I just broke up with my gf who I thought was the one, and I get home, I get out of my car, walk through the parking lot and a Black cat crosses my path from left to right and stops and stares at me as I do the same and then continues into the bushes as I stare at crawling up the tree glancing at me now and then. So, then I proceed up the steps from the parking lot to my apt building when another Black cat crosses my path from left to right and we both stopped and stared at each other for a minute and then it proceeds walking down the middle of the street in front of my building. And I walk to the middle of the street and stop and just stare at the Black cat walk down the street and stop every few steps looking back at me and proceeding further away from me. And then I notice my garage that has been at ankle height for some time now since it broke and leaving my other garage broken unable to open with a simple like before, not sure if that has anything to do with it. But when the Black cat walked down the street I noticed my garage on the that street at ankle height and it brought the memory of that back so hard and mysteriously that it brought chills to my body as I continued to stare and gaze at the Black cat walk away into the distant darkness.... Fricken Crazy!!! What does it mean?... Does it mean good luck is coming? Does mean good luck came cuz now I'm free from a just recently found out crazy gf, now ex-gf?... Is bad luck always coming to me and I just forcefully misunderstand it as good luck?... WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!!! THoughts!???

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Jun 15, 2010
by: prytu1457

i saw a black cat two times that same day and the next day when i went to school i found a dollar on the ground i think its true seeing a black cat is good luck.

Jul 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

You've let yourself become superstitious about black cats, that's it. Whatever happens yo will blame a black cat.

Best thing, tell yourself that you are not superstitious about anything, then it doesn't matter what happens.

Jun 29, 2009
Think lucky, be lucky.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi DT,

You say it all when you say that life is a roller coaster, because it is, mostly.

I'm sorry to read that you broke with your girlfriend. You know, sometimes when something happens, like making friends with a black cat, we tend to see black cats everywhere. What it is of course, is just that we notice them more. Same as when you buy a car, isn't it true that you see that model of car everywhere you drive? Same amount of cars, you just notice them more. Same amount of black cats, it is just because you're noticing them.

Of course, the black cat that you were kind to could be visiting. After all she or he got food and milk, it is likely the cat would be back for more.

Is good luck coming to you because you are seeing black cats?

Tell yourself that it is. Think lucky, be lucky.

Black cats are just cats . . . and cats are great. Let them be lucky for you.

Larry (Editor)

May 14, 2010
blacks cats
by: Anonymous

black cat rude and crazy

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