Black Kitten at my front door

by Tammie
(Rio Rancho, NM)


Tonight I was putting my 4 year old to bed when I heard muffled meowing. I thought it was our orange tabby, Ben, trapped in a room with a closed door. But there he was, sound asleep on the couch. So I looked around, trying to find the source of the manic crying and it was at my front door!

I opened the door and there was a small black kitten (about 4 or 5 months) with green eyes sitting at my doorset crying his little heart out. I freaked out a little bit and quickly shut the door. My 12 year old son asked what was wrong and I told him to open the door. He felt so bad for the kitten and said I needed to let him in (we have a forecast of snow tonight). I thought about it and agreed, I didn't want the little thing to freeze to death in the cold overnight temperatures. My 4 year old daughter quickly took a liking to him and was so excited she couldn't sleep. He liked her too and after exploring the house...settled in with her for the night. Those two have been sleeping together all close in bed since!

So...I have been doing a search of superstitions and myths related to black cats and the one I found most profound is the Scottish myth that if you find a black kitten on your front porch and let it into your house you will be welcomed with wealth and prosperity. Being a bit superstitious...I welcomed that idea.


I have been struggling financially since May after being in a car accident in which I was not at fault at all. I was hit by a teenager going through a red light (after "spacing out") while I was making a left turn.

He was going about 45 mph and my car was totaled. I was also hurt in my neck and shoulder due to my airbag deploying and my car spinning after impact. I went through 3 months of physical therapy and was finally cleared by my physician but told that the injury is "chronic". I still experience pain in my left shoulder and neck and numbness in my right arm and hand.

Anywho...due to the accident and the fact that my vehicle was deemed a "total loss" I was (am) in financial straights. I have taken out a series of loans just to get by...but of course I struggle every month to get them paid on time. My rent is constantly late and I feel that I am always running to catch up. I know there is a settlement coming and I hope it is enough to pay everything off and offer me a fresh start.


So...I have done everything from going to confession and church regularly (I am a Catholic...not always a practicing one but recently a very active one) to saying the rosary every night and praying to Saint Jude. Nothing seemed to work to bring me the immediate help that I needed and I was honestly very frustrated.

I couldn't understand why so many bad events were happening and why I was struggling so bad. I was divorced, working full time, going to school, taking care of my kids. I didn't do anything "bad" and it just seemed that everyone else was better off than me and I was just digging myself a hole. Even my ex-husband, who left me for someone else after the birth of our daughter, was thriving (after everyone told me he would get his comeuppance). What the heck was I doing wrong and why was the hole getting bigger and deeper?

So...recently...after the New Year...I decided I was not going to renew my lease on this big 4 bedroom house I so blindly and stupidly went into a rental agreement on last February. I got this house because I had all three of my children living with me but after my accident last may my oldest son (13) decided he wanted to live with his dad (not related to the ex had previously expressed interest in my oldest living with him...and he wanted to be with his dad. It just so happened to come to fruition after my accident).

After the accident, and his moving out, I just felt this house was not a happy one. It was far away from everything and the rent was really high but I thought after my graduation I would land that dream job. I didn't. I didn't even really look too hard. With the economy, I was just happy to have my job. 2011 was just a bad year and I had a bad attitude about it, and I made a lot of really stupid decisions and went in really stupid directions because of my mindset. goal for 2012 is to "downsize" and live below my means. I decided to move from this house to an apartment (decision made on January 1 at 12:04pm). But you know what? Apartment rent isn't much cheaper (if at all) than renting a house.

My 12 year old son was excited about moving into an apartment and I talked to a woman at work who also struggled as a single mother of three (they are all grown now) and she told me a two bedroom apartment is totally workable (put the boys in one room and my daughter and I share another) I decided to put my king sized bed (one I definitely don't need) on craigslist (this past friday 1/6) The day I did that, I got a text from a mother of a little boy at my daughter's daycare who said she accepted a job in Missouri (close to her home state of which she is totally homesick) and needed to move in early February.

She owns a small two bedroom house and converted half of her single car garage into a third bedroom/office/den and if I was interested (she knew my lease was up at the end of the month) she would like to rent it to me...because she doesn't want to sell right now in this economy. I was (am) ecstatic about it because the rent is only $750 a month...and is in line with my "downsizing"! I sold my bed this morning (1/8/12) and moved my daughter's full size bed into my room. She never slept in it...all 4 years of her life she has slept with me although everyone has said she needs her own room (whatever!).

So...I have a settlement coming (the demand letter started at $75K but I know it will be alot less)...I have a house to move into that is in align with my goals...I sold my bed that I honestly don't son who is living with me is excited about the house (with the den)...and tonight I was welcomed to the anxious cries of a lost black kitten.

This leads up to tonight's encounter. It is Sunday, January 8, 2012. So much stress has occurred during much second much "what if"...and now...on New Year's Eve this year (a year in which I decided to allow my son to have a sleepover of all his closest friends...we toasted the new year with sprite in wine glasses lol!...instead of getting stupid drunk at a friends house) I have been welcomed to so many strange and exciting occurrences since my resolution. I have a house that is exactly in the price range I was looking for, I have realized I don't need to "live big" for the happiness of myself or my children, and I have the prospect of a job that makes 20K more than what I am making now (I had a phone interview last Thursday and will be scheduled for an in-person interview within the next week). Then...this black cat comes into my life.

This morning I sold my king sized bed. I told the guy I would have my garage opened when he arrived. When I went to meet him...that kitty rushed into my garage. My daughter immediately wanted her in the house. I was a bit freaked (it was...of course...a BLACK CAT!). So after he loaded up the bed (and after many attempts to shew the kitty away) I shut the garage door. That cat started meowing at my front door! I did let him in for a bit and my dog Sophie (a pup herself) thought the cat was a new toy and chaos ensued in my house. I finally put the cat outside (he wasn't mine!) and proceeded to get ready for lunch with my mom. When we came home this I stated in my introduction...I was putting my daughter to bed when I heard meowing. It was the kitty! Same black cat. So here he is with me...roaming the house for a bit...but is completed connected with my daughter. After eating and directing that the bathtub is not the litterbox...she is curled up with my daughter.

So...after all my rambling and backstories...what I am wondering this cat good luck? After such a bad year in 2011 and now my resolve to have a better year in 2012 and its ensuing promises (the job prospect...the rental that fell in my lap) what does this mean? Am I reading too much into it? I don't know...but I am hoping(praying even) that this is a welcoming to a year that I finally deserve!

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Oct 18, 2014
I want to know!!! :)
by: Black Cat Too

Awesome story!

Now it's October 2014... What happened?

We are living more or less the same and suddenly this black cat shows up a stormy morning, all hungry and crying madly... 3 weeks later I'm taking her to the vet to get her spayed and microchipped as ours...

So tell us... How did the story end?

I'd like to think the Scottish were right.

Please let us know how 2012 went for you and how are you know.

Us, we need that extra bit of luck now, hopping 2015 will be our Master year, cause 2014 has been wow hard! :)

Thank you!

Feb 04, 2012
Find It's Owner
by: Anonymous

Personal experience: Cats are not good or bad luck, no matter the color, however as special family members they do provide happiness and love.

That said, that sounds like a cat I had years ago (also black) that was stolen from us by some superstitious person on Halloween, whether they hurt our cat or kept his as a "lucky omen" is irrelevent. They still stole our beloved family member, who happened to be ALLOWED outside. He too would follow people, loved attention, and would hop in a car with someone or into their house if allowed. He also begged at our neighbor's house to get pet while I was at school. If it was my choice he would never have been outside around strangers or in danger of getting mistaken as a stray, mistaken for good or bad luck, harmed, or stolen.

I guess my point to you is if he's as friendly and lovable as you say he is, he's still someone's pet. Just because he's outside and knows that people's front doors lead to warmth only means he belongs to someone and knows this. So find out who the owner is, and return the cat to his family if he's supposed to be in their house, and if he's allowed out, then he'll still come over to visit, but don't lock him inside your house. He's still their cat and family member, who happens to think you, as his neighbors, are friends, and decides to visit. And yes, that IS a blessing.

Jan 10, 2012
black cat at my back door in it comes to my front door
by: quanna

Well I'm not really a cat fan I never liked cats but this black cat shows up at my back door last night and Its been crying I don't know what it want I never scared it away cause I felt sorry for it but as of right NW I'm steady thinking about this cat hes still at my back door crying right now this is the 2nd night my fiance took my daughter outside like around 9pm and she was playing with the cat but I'm just freaked out about black cats. It ran in my house to but it went back outside I'm just wondering if its a sign of some kinda luck or is it watching over us I lost my son 5months ago and I lost my mother a yr ago and I don't need anymore bad luck in my life I'm hopeing some kind of luck or fortune money wise comes our way me and my fiance plan on getting married march 13th this yr but its been kinda crazy with us idk if were ready but about the cat that's still at my back door wat should I do cause its really making me sad I can't sleep.

Jan 09, 2012
Black kitten
by: Anonymous

I have come to a conclusion over the years that cats are really kindred spirits who are closely connected to us.
I also have a mysterious new little black cat who I feel sure is my Nimbus come back after he died last year. This little cat first appeared in the garden just before Christmas and seems to appear whenever I am thinking about Nimbus. My other cats are frantic to play with him whenever he comes around, even yowling at the door to tell me he's here. I think he is feral or not totally incarnate. A friend of mine just happened to tell me (without me mentioning anything about this) that a black kitten has come to her and moved in. So now you are number 3! They say things come in threes.
Even Nimbus was odd in the way he appeared. We had a black cat called Sully before him who died of kidney failure and Nimbus as a tiny kitten appeared in a thunderstorm outside my house walking in circles in the road about a week or so after Sully died, hence the name. His name was actually Sully McNimbus (Mc was short for mark 2)A neighbour found him and I have often wondered if he came down in the rain...
Well frogs do.

Anyway, back down to Earth I was researching about the new hominids that have been found over the last few years only yesterday and found this:
"Genetic studies show that domestic cats broke away from their wild relatives and started living with humans 100,000 – 130,000 years ago, much earlier than previously thought." (THE DOMESTICATION OF THE CAT Sarah Hartwell, 2001-2009)

I hope you and your family and new kitten will all have a lot of happiness together.

Jan 09, 2012
2012 a much better year.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Tammie,

What a story!

As I've often said, for me a cat is a cat, no matter what the color of its fur is. I believe black cats are neither lucky or unlucky, just lovely cats and kittens. But . . .

. . . it is what you believe that matters.

It does seem that your luck has taken a turn for the better with the new year. (2011 was not the best of years for everyone but does seem to have been particularly bad for you.)

If you want to believe that your good luck is due to the arrival of your new black feline friend, keep on believing it. When you think of it the arrival of your kitten is itself a spot of good luck.

Congratulations on your resolve to make 2012 a much better year. Good luck with your job offer, your rental and your settlement. And congratulations on your new black kitten.

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your story Tammie.

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