A Box Full of Happiness - Two Black Kittens.

by Kristy Jones

It was around 9:30 on Monday night when there was a knock at my door, I went downstairs and it was my Mom's friend with a box in her hands, inside were two black kittens that a friend of hers had found on the side of the road.

They were about 3 weeks old then, and boy were they ever cute!

Even though we already had one cat, we decided to foster these two kittens.

We named the boy Guinness and the girl we had some trouble finding a name. My Brother got the final say, and you know how boys are, so for the week that we had her she had many names, from Lola, to Little Girl.

black cat sitting

They were both very playful kitties right from the start, loved chasing people around as if they were dogs, and they absolutely LOVED being held.

Guinness being the overprotective brother took care of his sister always, it was really rather cute to watch.

There was a bit of a scare when the kittens went missing one day, we searched high and low for almost 2 hours before giving up.

We just had no idea where they could have gone, it turns out that there is a hole underneath the bathroom cupboards that the two enjoying sleeping in...

Well, once we figured that out everything was great. Except that Lola or Little Girl as I called her wasn't gaining weight, she was still this little thing, she was playful but didn't have much energy.

I knew she was sick, and had to be taken to the vet, and I had planned on doing so this morning, she stopped eating or drinking and I knew that wasn't good.

Last night my Mom wrapped her in a blue washcloth and held her, trying to get her to eat or have something to drink, it just didn't work, then I stayed up extra late just holding her, petting her, even talking to her.

I put her and Guinness to bed on their washcloth and closed the door.

This morning my Mom went in and had a little talk with them, Little Girl still seemed awfully sick, so we planned that to the vet we would go!

When I went to get them ready for the vet trip Guinness was on top of Little Girl, she had passed away (the vet thinks from dehydration, they'd been having diarrhea since we got them) and I guess he was still trying to play the overprotective brother with her.

There was nothing anyone could do for her anymore, she had died peacefully with her brother at her side. I wish there was something more we could have done, but I guess it was just her time to leave us.

Although her departure was much sooner than anyone had hoped for, she is in heaven now...and I know for sure she felt loved the whole time she graced us with her presence.

Guinness is healthy, we had him to the vet today! You don't realize how much an animal can impact your life until you lose one, it's one of the hardest things I have been through, but, my family and I will make it through this tough time, and so will Guinness, we are strong people and hard situations make us stronger!

RIP Little Girl, you sure won't be forgotten, you made each of our days brighter everyday you were with us! I hope you look down on your brother every now and then, I think he'd really like that. Thank you for bringing us the happiness that you did. We love you!

A sad tale but also very touching thank you for sharing it Kristy. What a great way to describe kittens, as a box full of happiness.

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