Buddy The Wonder Cat

by Sean Dunne
(Calgary, AB.)

My name is Sean, and Buddy (called kitty at the time) had come together when I retrieved him from the garbage dumpster behind my apartment bldg.

I took upstairs to the apartment, to which he immediately ran under the couch, ...not to be seen for a day and a half.

I told him, no room service here, the food and water are on the other side of the room. Hunger finally gave way and I first saw him in his new home eating like it was to be his last meal.

Note: I didn't rush to him, didn't force myself onto him, ...just told him that I wanted to be friends and that he was safe here. He then gave me the 'whatever' look and disappeared again.
But this routine finally gave way to him finding a comfortable place on the couch to sleep, when I wasn't there, and trust me, the couch was comfortable.

'Kitty', or Puss a Puss as I called him, soon began to want for some inter-action, ....so I got some kitty toys for him, but the toys didn't include Me, and if I was paying the bills, then I was going to be included.

We'd play finger under the linen sheet for 15 - 20 mins, then when he regained his energy, we'd play catch the small piece of rolled up paper. Then came the empty small cardboard boxes, which was followed by, hey what's in this hidden place, under the sink.

*However, the biggest delight came with two separate games: One was hide n seek, which was played when I used my special 'kitty voice' to lure him down the hallway, and then pretend to chase him, so he'd bolt for safety, ...only to be in pursuit of me, a few minutes later.

The second was the 'kids fishing pole' game, of which I rigged up with a noisy Kitty lure, and would cast it some distance away, (ie. over the couch) ...and he would run to grab it, ..to capture it.

Sometimes, he would put a beating on the little mousey bait. We could play that game for several hours, ..with Time Outs conveniently timed for both of us. - He loved the interaction, and when he got tired, I patted him with love and affection, and he'd give me a quick look of, 'Sean, you're my best bud, and I trust you', ....you've been a good owner for this little wild kitty.

I took Kitty for adventure walks, and when he wandered too far, I'd give him 'the stern kitty voice', and when I retrieved him, I would grab him by the fur on the back of his neck, and give it a tug, while talking to him in the, "Don't do that again" voice, ....and sure enough, over time, I could literally ward him from danger, just with the sound of my voice. I parented him, just as I did with my own two kids.

Well, on to how 'Kitty' got his name. - I had told him, not to jump from the balcony to the bedroom window, because heck, it was seven stories down straight down, onto the corner of the driveway.!! He just gave me to look of, "I'm a cat, ...I got it all covered."
....well, one early Monday morning, I couldn't find Kitty anywhere, soo, I looked outside the building in desperation. - No Kitty.!! I went to work, thinking of him all day, came home after work, only to not be able to find him at all.

I was at a loss, and my best little, (and very very handsome) Puss a Puss was gone. I was heartbroken. I decided to give it all one more try, and in the rain, around 11pm, I went in search for him again. Then, the smallest little 'meow' could be heard, and out of the wood pile of fencing material, (the apartment was re-modeling some outside parts of the property) came little BROKEN Puss a Puss. He dragged his ass-end along the ground, and gave me a look that said, "hey Sean, I really need some help here." ...and yes, Kitty was in really rough shape, he was mangled.

So, off to the emergency vet we went. - Here's the interesting part: I get to the vet, and the office lady is asking for information, ..ie. my name, address, cat's name, etc. I tell her the cats name is 'Kitty', and she says, ya can't name the cat 'Kitty', and I say, lets concentrate on the wounded animal, rather than kitty politics.

She then says, 'What's the first thing you say to the cat when you get home' , ...to which I say, ..."Hey there Buddy."

She says to me; The cats name is Buddy, to which I say, well okay lady, but, BUDDY, is broken.!!
The vet does the usual, x-rays, and the news that orthopedic (bone surgery) will cost $1,700.oo, to which I say, Sorry, but see ya later Buddy.

The vet then says, this cat has not taken his eyes off of you the whole time, I think he's asking for a chance, so I'll ask you this Sean: Is there anywhere he can rest in comfort with heat and water, ...I tell the vet, the bathroom has a heated floor, I'll supply the water. The vet says, his Pelvic bone has two separate clean fractures, but that he relocated the bone(s) to the nearest /best fit position that it should be in. He says, If Buddy here is alive in 3 - 4 days, he might have a chance.

Sooo, back at the apartment, I get a child protection gate, so 'Buddy' can't get out, and the process begins: Almost every night I sit in the bath-tub, and pat him as softly as I can, and he just blinks his eyes now and again. - After 7 - 10 days, He seems to be on the mend.

Then, about 5 weeks into his convalescence, I come home on a Friday after work, and there he is on the other side of the child gate!! ....looking pretty frickin proud of himself. Sooo, I bend down to one knee, and up he jumps onto my leg.

"Wow Buddy, ya did it, ya mended all up." (But I tell him, hey I'm the one who sat in the bath-tub, caring for you, ...remember.?!? - I know it sounds ridiculous, but one of the stories that Buddy used to hate hearing, was of Humpty Dumpty, and how HE never got 'back together again'. ...sorry there, I couldn't help putting in some broken body humour.

Well, that started the legend of Buddy, TheWonderCat, who, without any red cape, no little red shorts, no mask around his eyes, no little faggy gloves, leapt from the balcony, and quickly realized, ..."Shit, Sean was right, IT IS SEVEN STORIES, STRAIGHT DOWN.!!

Buddy and I became the very best of friends, we even went for walks together, ...well, sort of. I moved to a smaller city, and in a nice neighborhood, I'd grab a can of cold beer, a few cigarettes, and nod to Buddy, Hey, Lets Go, time for a nice walk.

I'd get to the end of the driveway, and he'd be just behind me, and off we'd go. I open the beer, to which he'd head for the front gardens of the houses along the way, and every once in awhile, I'd do the special 'kitty' voice, (ahhh sorry, Buddy voice) to which he'd come out to the street and do a few 'figure eight's' around my feet, and then back to the gardens he'd go.

We'd walk for approx. 45 minutes, and when we came back around to the sight of our house, he'd bolt for the front porch, and would then give me the look of, "Man, what took you so long, ...ya must be getting old Sean!!" - To which I'd say, Hey Buddy, ya best remember who buys the Buddy food around here.

...to which, we'd go inside, and play some more.

Buddy brought me live birds, (into my bedroom), and he'd sit on my chest until I woke up, and of course, I'd be startled out of my mind, ....to which he'd say: Now look at what you made me do, I've dropped the bird, ..the birds loose!!, ....and there'd be a scared bird flying around the bedroom.!!

Eventually, I'd get a towel over it, let it go, and Buddy would then look at me with the "it took me an hour to get that thing in here Sean.!!"

Buddy lived a long life, to apprx 14 yrs old, ...to which many thought that was some sort of miracle. - Ya see, Buddy took on a German Sheppard in a fight, didn't do well at all, ...got hit by a car, and rolled down the street like a lopsided bowling ball, ...but yet, mended himself up every time, ....well, with loving hands involved.

The one thing that I always suspected of Buddy of doing, was to have some secret membership to the Evil Kanevil stuntman's club, ...so, I asked him about it, ...Buddy answered me on that one.!!

Hhmmm, Buddy, TheWonderCat, the cat that was out to spend all nine lives that he was given.
...and Yes, everyone loved Buddy

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Jul 23, 2015
by: Anonymous

That kitty was lucky in so many ways, but luckiest when you adopted him!

Jul 21, 2015
Buddy was a great Buddy.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Sean,

Thank you very much for sharing the story of Buddy with us. It is such a complete story and very well written too.

Isn't it amazing what good companions cats can become. It sure sounds like Buddy was a great Buddy.

"Finger under the sheet sounds like fun, I shall have to try that one with my cat. :)

Larry (editor)

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