Can Cats Predict The Weather?

Cats Predict the Weather

Do cats have a sixth sense that warns them of approaching storms?

Most ‘experts’ say that it’s not that cats have a sixth sense; it is because most of their senses are more powerful than ours.

Your cat may actually hear the rumble of thunder in the distance some time before you do, or maybe she smells (and possibly tastes,) the ozone molecules produced by far away lightening.

Yet again, your cat may sense changes in the air pressure from an approaching storm.

Small variations in pressure are normal but if your feline detects larger changes she knows this could mean trouble ahead.

While some cats may be astute storm prophets, others may not be so attuned to their approach.

Cats will have different reactions too, some will become agitated and scramble about like crazy, some may yowl, yet others will find themselves a safe place to hide out.

Can Cats Predict Rain?

“When kitty washes behind her ears, we’ll soon be tasting heavens tears.”

Folklore says that when cats wash behind their ears rain is on the way. I’m sure that I don’t have to point out that cats, being the well-kept creatures that they are, spend a substantial amount of time grooming and washing themselves, including behind their ears.

If this old saying had any truth to it we would all need to buy a whole lot of timber and make like Noah.

Incidentally in some cultures it is fine weather that is predicted by a cat washing behind her ears, and in others, snow.

Some folks believe that a cat sneezing is a sign of rain. Others believe that when a cat snores bad weather is sure to follow, and a cat sleeping on her back with her mouth pointing up means a storm is on the way.

cat watching rainRain, rain go away, come on back another day. Can cats predict the weather?

Rain of course is not so hard for even humans to predict. I don’t mean long range forecasting like the professional meteorological forecasters, but rather being pretty sure that it’s going to start raining within a few hours.

You know this by the color of the clouds. If you are outside you may even be able to feel the damp ‘in the air.’

Does kitty look to the clouds to know if wet weather is ahead? That is not very likely, but she may pay attention to the change in available light when rainclouds roll over.

Perhaps your cat, with her keen senses, can smell the approach of rain. Many experts though, believe it is the change in barometric pressure that cats react to.

Can Cats Predict The Weather Or Could It Be You?

I haven’t much read or heard this theory at all, but . . . some of us are affected by changes in the weather.

Bright sunny day – we are more likely to be hap, hap, happy! Dull rainy day – we are more likely to be a little despondent or even downright blue.

It has been observed that cats are capable of picking up on our moods and being affected by them.

So, if your cat is acting loopy, or hiding away, maybe it is because you are not at your brightest because of the oncoming weather. Then when the downpour starts you think kitty knew this in advance.

Does that theory stand up? No? Oh well, it was only an idea.

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters.

Moving off the subject of weather, it is also often muted that animals both wild and domestic, including cats, are aware of impending natural disasters long before humans are.

As with animals predicting bad weather it is often suggested this is due to a sixth sense, but is it?

With the terrible tsunamis that have occurred over the last few years, there were many reports of animals behaving strangely and running to higher ground long before the disaster struck.

cat in snow

Animals that were unable to flee panicked or found the best cover they could.

There are reports from recent earthquakes that document domestic cats and dogs becoming agitated and anxious before the quake struck.

Could it be that animals are able to hear the rumble of a growing earthquake long before we do?

After all, many species have the ability to hear sounds at a much lower frequency than human beings can.  Or perhaps they can feel the vibrations of a seaquake that causes a tsunami. 

Another theory is that animals are able to smell subterranean gasses that seep out through tiny cracks in the surface of the earth when an earthquake is about to happen. Who knows, that may be so.

No matter whether or not cats are able to predict the weather, they sure are good to be around.

Can Cats Predict The Weather? was first published in The Feline Rules, the free online eZine that keeps you informed of what is what in  the world of cats.

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