Cat ID Tags

 Cat ID tags help reunite cats with their humans.

Anyone who has a cat that is allowed outside knows that sinking feeling when their pet does not come home when expected.

Usually before long the cat saunters in with an air of “What's all the fuss? “Where's my food?” Sometimes though the cat stays missing.

Perhaps the feline wandered a little to far, became confused about her bearings and became hopelessly lost.

Maybe she was chased away from her territory by a rival cat.

Whatever the reason for her disappearance, a lost cat without some form of identification has a slim chance of being reunited with her human family.

If the cat has an identification tag, anyone finding her knows who to contact, and the cat has a far greater chance of returning home safely.

As a precaution against becoming permanently missing pets, all cats should wear cat ID tags.

Indoor Cats Need ID Tags Too

Even strictly indoor cats need identification.

No matter how careful their humans are, indoor cats frequently do find themselves on the outside. A door or a window left open just for a second and kitty is out there in unfamiliar surroundings.

Apart from natural curiosity causing her to explore, the cat can be spooked by the presence of strange humans, cats and other animals, traffic and all the unsettling noises.

Before she knows it kitty could be some distance from home.

If she has a collar and tag, anyone finding her would be able to identify where she lives and return her.

cat with ID tagIf this girl gets herself lost her family can be contacted because she has an identification tag.

Do Cats With An Identity Tag Also Need To Be Microchipped?

Yes, it is a good idea for cats to be microchiped even if they wear cat ID tags. Collars can come off or be taken off.

In fact, for safety your cat should wear a 'breakaway' collar. These collars are designed to break under strain such as if caught on a branch.

Anyone finding your cat, minus her collar and ID tag, would have no option but to take her to a shelter. If your cat is chipped the shelter can identify her and contact you.

“So would it be better to forget the identification tag and just have her chipped?” No, the Micro-Chipping System relies on the cat ending up at a shelter.

A lost cat hanging around without a collar could be assumed to be a stray, or a feral cat.

A collar and identification tag signifies that the animal belongs to someone. No need for a finder to take your cat to a shelter, they can contact you directly.

Check Your Cat's Tag

You do need to occasionally check that the information on your pet's tag is still clearly readable. Engraving on metal identification tags should last a long time before becoming faint, but it is wise to check now and then.

Check also that the tag is still firmly affixed to the collar.

It is also very important to keep the information up to date. If you move house, get your cat a new tag with the details updated.

Several Types of Cat Identification Tags

Hanging disk type cat ID tags are usually manufactured from hard coated plastic, stainless steel, airplane grade aluminum, brass etc.

Some have your pets information engraved, others permanently fuse graphics to the disk.

As well as hanging disk type pet identification tags you can get ID tubes that have your cat's identity information printed on a small rolled piece of paper inside.

Be sure to regularly check the information is still there, mischievous children have been known to take it out.

Yet again there are identification strips that you write your cat's details on in waterproof ink, the strip is firmly stuck along the outside of your cat's collar.

These are good for cats that simply will not tolerate hanging tags. Of course the strips do not last forever and do have to be renewed from time to time.

Electronic Cat Doors

Many electronic cat doors can operate in a variety of ways. Cat is let out, cat is let in, cat is let in and out. Some can be set to only let your cat in or out at certain times.

Cat ID Tags.