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A developing list of cat articles to keep you informed of the needs of the domestic cat. About your cat’s behavior, your cat’s health and feline facts. Articles about the history of the feline and why the cat is the world’s favorite pet.

Cat Articles : Articles of interest about your feline friend.

New Cats And Sunburn.

Cats do love to soak up the sun, but sunburn and worse is a real risk. What can you do to ensure that your cat is protected from the dangers of the sun?

 Bitten By Cat Fleas : What to do.
Do you know what to do if you are bitten by cat fleas? Is it harmful? How do you stop it happening again?

Cat Hoarder : Collecting Cats.
A cat hoarder keeps far more than a reasonable number of companion cats and is unable to adequately provide for the cats’ welfare. Why do they do it?

Maine Coon Tabby

Updated Polydactyl Cats.
Some cats are born with more than the usual amount of toes, these are polydactyl cats. Just as lovable as any cat, generally these amazing extra toed felines suffer no disadvantage.

Cat Stuck In A Tree.
A cat stuck in a tree can't stay up there too long. She may be coaxed down, but if not she will have to be brought down and brought down safely.

Fear Of Cats
A fear of cats is not that uncommon. It may not get talked about that much but plenty of people suffer from it. There are those that cannot tolerate even being near to a cat. They may break out in a sweat at the sight of a cat, have difficulty breathing, and may even become . . .

calico and white

Cat Myths : The untruths about cats.
Is there any truth in the cat myths that you read about, or are they mostly old wives tales and misinformation?

Homemade Cat Toys.
You may not save yourself a fortune by making simple playthings for kitty, store bought cat toys are usually quite inexpensive, but you can have fun doing so and make something personal for your feline friend.

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Songs About Cats, those ever popular cat songs.
There must be countless songs that have the words Cat, or Cats, in the title but are not actually songs about cats. Here are some that are, and some that aren’t.

Stop: Don’t Declaw That Cat!
Declawing a cat is illegal in many countries and officially deemed to be inhumane in others. Why then do some people still consider getting their cat declawed?

Witches and Cats
Witches and cats became firmly linked together during the "Reign of Terror" of religious persecution in medieval Europe.

red cat's face

Playing With Your Cat : Playing can be good for your cat and you!
Playing with your cat can benefit her in so many ways including keeping her fit and building her confidence. Cat play can be fun for you too.

Want to Feel Better? Go Stroke Your Cat!
Stroking your cat can be good for your health! It has long been known that pet ownership is good for you, we all need someone or something to love. It is also believed that stroking a pet, such as a cat, reduces stress levels and helps you to have a more positive perspective on life.

Your Cat The Hunter...
Many cat owners believe that their good little kitty would not even dream of going hunting. After all, their cat is loved and well fed. Why should their pet bother hunting down birds, mice and other wildlife? If a domestic cat has any access at all to the outside world then it will hunt, no doubt about it, it's all part of being a cat.

How to Find a Lost Cat
Use these 'how to find a lost cat' steps, and try to stay calm. Remember that most lost cats have not run away from home, we all know about cats and curiosity.

Can a pet enjoy a good quality of life if it loses a limb?
Some folks may think that a severely handicapped pet would have a miserable existence, I hope to prove by the telling of the story of Basil the brave that this is not necessarily the case.

A Cat Shock Collar : Wrong for cat training.
A cat shock collar is not the way to discourage a cat from jumping on the counter, or scratching furniture, or other things cats do that displease us.

It's not likely to work and just plain wrong.

Moving With Your Cat : How to move home with your cat.
Moving home, they say, is one of life's most stressful experiences. If you are moving with your cat then the experience can be twice as stressful. Stressful for you, stressful for your cat.

Cat Scratch Fever
Can your own cat give you cat scratch fever? What are the symptoms of this disease, how is it transmitted, and what can be done to prevent and treat it.

Pet Health Insurance
When we take on the responsibility of a pet, we do realize that the privilege will include some expense. Is a taking out a pet health insurance policy the best decision?

Cat Quotes
Many famous personalities of yesterday and today were or are, fans of cats. Many have made telling comments about the beloved house cat. Here you will find cat quotations from the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Dan Greenberg, William Shakespeare, W.C. Fields, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Charles Dickens, Susan Easterly, James Thurber and many others.

Cat Declawing, a necessary procedure, or plain mutilation?
Cat Declawing is not the answer to the problem of your cat scratching your possessions. This page shows you that the removal of a cats claws is unnecessary and needlessly cruel.

Cat History - from 'gods' to 'devils' to pets.
Cat history has seen the domestic feline worshiped by the Egyptians, hated by medieval witch hunters, prized as rodent catchers, and becoming a much loved pet.

Get Your Cat Fixed - you know that you should.
Having your cat fixed will mean that you will not be contributing to the misery of millions of feral and unwanted cats, and your cat will have a better chance of a long life.

The Catnip Effect : Dangerous or not?
The party is on baby. Suddenly your cat is rollicking and rolling around, frisky, excited, running about as if the catnip effect has turned back the clock and she is a kitten once again.

Growing Catnip – How to grow your cat's favorite herb.
Growing catnip means your cat has all she needs of the fresh stuff that sends her ga-ga. In winter she can enjoy the home dried herb, more potent than store bought.

Aghhh! My Cat Has Got Fleas...
So, how come my cat has got fleas? Cats that are allowed outside pick up fleas by socializing with other cats or just by walking through territory where other cats have been. Think that your indoor only cat is safe? Not so, . . .

10 Reasons Why Your Cat Loves You
There are plenty of reasons why your cat loves you. Ten of the main reasons are listed in this short, humorous article. Enjoy!

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