Cat Bad Breath- Feline Halitosis

Cat bad breath may mean much more than your pet not being nice to be near.

Cats are creatures of beauty. We may believe our own cats are especially good to look at.

But we don’t want to merely admire our own cat from afar, we want to be close to our cat, to be able to stroke him or her, to be able to pick up our pet and hold them.

Who was it said there is no greater pleasure than holding a purring cat?

It is not so pleasant though to be near a cat with bad breath.

It can be more than unpleasant, a cat’s breath can be so foul as to be unbearable, no matter that you love her to pieces.

Naturally it is no surprise to find that your cat’s breath smells of her food if she has just eaten, and some cat foods do have quite a powerful aroma.

Most of the time though her breath should be pretty much odorless, however if it smells bad in any way it may mean a little more than your pet not having the ring of confidence.

A cat’s bad breath is often a clear indication that something needs attention and perhaps may mean that a serious medical condition exists.

Possible Reasons For Feline Halitosis

If your cat is eating less, or not at all since the onset of her bad breath, it could be a clue that all is not well within her mouth.

cat with mouth open wideNot all instances of cat bad breath indicate a serious medical condition, but it is always a sign of a problem.

Tooth decay could be making it too painful for her to eat as well as causing the mouth odor.

Pawing at the mouth and drooling are also signs that she may have tooth or gum problems, drooling and mouth pain often go together. So too does an uncared for coat because the mouth pain makes grooming agonizing for her.

Ulceration or a cancerous growth in the mouth would also account for both the difficulty of eating and for the breath problem, blood coming from the mouth is another possible symptom.

If your cat’s breath can be described as unusually sweet, or perhaps fruity, it could be a symptom of feline diabetes. Loss of weight excessive thirst, and an increase in urination are other possible symptoms.

Breath smelling of feces could possibly be due to an abscessed tooth or possibly a bowel obstruction. Either way veterinary attention will be urgently needed.

A cat with breath smelling of urine may have kidney disease. Vomiting, weight loss, diarrhea, lethargy and a poor coat condition are some other signs.

A yellowing of the cat’s eyes along with seizures, poor appetite and weight loss, an increase in urine, vomiting, along with the foul breath could indicate liver problems.

An infection in the space between the cat’s lungs and the chest wall, caused by a virus, bacteria or fungi.

The bacteria or virus can enter the chest cavity by way of a puncture wound, for this reason unneutered Toms, who are apt to fight, are more prone to this condition. The infection is often accompanied by bad breath.

Not all instances of cat bad breath indicate a serious medical condition, but it is always a sign of a problem. A cat’s breath should not be persistently or acutely offensive, if it is, you should not hesitate in taking your pet to the vet to establish the cause.

It may be that all that is necessary is for your cat to have her teeth professionally cleaned, or undergo a course of antibiotics.

If the problem is found to be caused by a serious disorder, it is best to know and for treatment to commence as soon as possible rather than leaving the problem to get worse.

Cat Bad Breath - Prevention Is Better Than Cure

You can help to prevent your cat developing unpleasant breath by cleaning her teeth every day.

Yes, you can and should clean your cat’s teeth. Your cat is not likely to welcome the idea at first, but with patience and practice it can become daily routine. Find out how here - Keeping your cat’s teeth and gums healthy.

The second way to prevent feline halitosis is by regularly taking your cat to her veterinarian for health checks.

The vet will check for early signs of the many conditions that can cause a cat bad breath, (and of course, check for signs of many other illnesses and diseases too.) Regular heath checks will not only help to avoid your cat having smelly breath but also more serious problems.

Ask your veterinarian to include an oral inspection within the health check.

Every care was taken with this page, however it was not written by a pet health professional and is intended to be informational only.

Cat Bad Breath.