A Cat Bed, Cat Mat or Thermal Cushion

Is a cat bed necessary?

Considering that there are millions of cats that sleep, with no trouble at all, in a wide variety of places other than in their bed the answer is possibly not.

cat sleeping on a bedA quality pet bed, cat mat or thermal cushion will give your cat a warm and comfortable place to snooze.

But if you want to give your cat the opportunity of her or his own special place to sleep or you are fed up with your pet sleeping on your furniture . . .

. . . and leaving the obligatory cat hairs, then there is a wide variety of beds, cat cushions, and sleeping perches available.

Most are not too costly so if your cat decides that she is just not going to use it, and to persuade her to do so may take a little patience, then you should not be too much out of pocket.

Choosing a Cat Bed

Size is obviously an important consideration.

Cats need a little room to stretch and turn; a bed that is too cramped will not be comfortable. On the other hand your pet is not likely to feel secure in a bed that is too big for her.

Measure your cat from the head to the base of the tail and add just a few inches.

Cats generally sleep curled, but remember that if your cat is heavy, or large boned, she won’t curl as tightly as a slimmer cat. Also cats with arthritis or other joint problems tend to sleep straight out.

If in doubt go for a larger rather than smaller size.

If possible choose one that is washable, many pet beds come with removable covers. An easily cleaned bed will help prevent odors, parasites and allergens.

Comfort is of importance, if you want your cat to use her bed choose one that she will enjoy sleeping on.

Some beds for cats have cozy synthetic fleece linings, others have cushioned, foam filled bases, and some are designed to keep your cat cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter.

Orthopedic beds are available, a boon for some senior cats.

A kitty bed with high sides can provide a draft free sleeping environment, and give your cat a sense of sleeping in her own space, but do make sure that your cat can climb in and out easily.

A senior cat or a kitten may need one with one lower side to use as an entrance.

Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed, Fleece, 22" x 13"
Comes in several colors and sizes. International shipping available.
Modern Chic Trellis Cat or Dog Bed by Trendy Pet
Choice of colors and sizes.
International shipping.
Best Pet Supplies Tent, Tan
Some cats prefer a covered bed.
Machine washable.
Removable cushion.
International shipping available.
Sofantex Plush Pet Bed Cave for Cats
Removable dome and washable cover
International shipping

Heated Kitty Mats and Cushions

There are two types of feline bedding that give off heat. There are those that use a safe power supply (the voltage is low enough to eliminate any danger of shock.) And thermal mats or cushions that reflect the cat’s own body heat back to the animal.

Both are welcomed by kittens, cats recovering from sickness and senior cats.

Slumber Pet Thermal Cat Mat
Reflects cat's own heat.
K&H Thermo-Kitty Cuddle Up, Mocha
Warms to cat's own body temperature.
K&H Manufacturing Microwavable Pet Bed Warmer 9-Inch by 9-Inch
Just heat in microwave and insert into bed.
Holds heat for 12 hours.
Ships internationally.

Persuading Your Cat to Use Her Bed

As mentioned above not all cats take to using a bed, at least not straight away. Here are a few tips that may help:

  • Location, location, location! Try putting the bed where your cat already chooses to sleep.
  • Try a sunny spot (for daytime naps) or near a radiator, when asleep a cat’s body temperature will decrease a little which is why they pick a warm spot to snooze.
  • Some cats prefer to sleep up higher than floor level. If your feline does, try the bed on a suitable shelf or stand. Radiator perches and window perches suitable for sleeping cats are available.
  • Place a favorite toy, blanket or cushion in the bed to encourage your cat to try it out.
  • Remember that praise works wonders with cats. Praise and make a fuss of your cat when she starts to use her cat bed and the chances are she will keep using it.
  • A little catnip scattered in or around the bed can be an effective persuader for many cats.

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