Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Behaviors

Most cats perform these cat behaviors but they can puzzle us, the humans who love them.  Most of them are not much of a problem and some of them are what endears us to our furry pals. Some need some action on our part to modify the behaviour.

Separation Anxiety In Cats

It is good when our cats show us a affection and make us feel wanted. But separation anxiety in cats can mean misery for both you and your pet. Find out more.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

Does your cat lick you? Do you enjoy the sensation of your cat licking you or do you find it irritating. Find out the reasons why some cats are in the habit of licking their human.

Can Cats Predict The Weather?

Can cats predict the weather? Do they know when rain is on the way or a storm is about to hit? Can you use your cat as a barometer or is it all phooey?

Why Does My Cat Raise Her Butt In The Air When I Stroke Her?

Here are two theories as to why a cat raises up his or her butt when being stroked. The cat is not being insulting . . . it's a cat thing. Read more...

Why Do Cats Knead?

Why do cats knead ? We have all seen cats kneading. That strange rhythmic pushing down, or paddling, of their front legs. You have probably wondered why it is that cats do this. Find out here.

Why Do Cats Purr?

Why do cats purr? Cats are known to purr for a number of reasons and in a number of circumstances, and it is not only when they are happy and contented cats. Read more.

Cat Chewing: Danger for the cat that chews

Some cats are chewing cats, they love to chew at things. Often they chew things which they should not chew, dangerous things like electrical cords! Find out what you can do.

Cat Awake When You Want to Sleep

Is your cat awake at night preventing you from getting your sleep? There are steps that you can take to persuade kitty to sleep at the same time as you. Find out what they are.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Hand When I Stroke Her?

You have settled into your favorite armchair, perhaps reading the final chapters of a gripping novel. You invite your cat onto your lap. Gently you begin to stroke her and your cat signals her appreciation with an audible purr. Suddenly your cat bites your hand! Read more...

Why Does My Cat Bring Home Her Prey?

Have you ever had the nasty experience of finding some poor little dead creature slap-bang in the middle of your kitchen floor? Or, worse yet, has your 'oh so innocent looking cat' dropped a mutilated prey right at your feet and acted as if you should be please about it? Read more...

Why Does My Cat Drink Dirty Water?

You know that cats should always have a supply of water, especially if you are feeding them dried food. There on your nice clean kitchen floor is a bowl of nice clean fresh water, in a nice clean bowl. What does your cat do? Maybe gives the bowl a sniff and . . .   What to do?

Is your cat talking to you?

Is your cat talking to you? Many cat lovers claim that their feline pets talk to them. They believe their cats can communicate vocally with them and tell them what they want. Can they?

Nervous Cats: Timid cats can learn to be trusting

Nervous cats want to be confident cats. They would really like interaction with their humans and to enjoy petting and strokes, all it takes is patience. Get help here.

Behaviors FAQ