Cat Biting

Do You Have A Cat Biting Problem?

Why do cats do that? Why do cats bite the hand that feeds them?

There may be many reasons why your sweet little cat nips you, (or maybe not so sweet and not so little cat.)

One of the first things to consider is: has your cat been injured or is she or he not well?

If your cat has never bitten before and she has recently started nipping at you, perhaps when you try to stroke one particular spot, there could be a medical reason for it. It may be wise to have her checked over by a veterinarian. Sometimes injuries are not obvious.

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Share your biting feline stories with us. Get help for your cat problem – or – let us know how you stopped your cat from attacking you. - Or - Help others with their kitty bite problems.

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If you spot a plea from someone else who has a cat who likes to chomp on them and you've solved the same problem, don't be shy jump in and offer your advice.

If you have a feline friend who insists on chewing on you, you can be sure that someone else has the same problem. Let them help you.

Can't pick up your pet without getting scratched and nipped?

Your kitty lets you stroke her for a few minutes then without warning she chews on your hand?

Your cat gnaws you when she can't have her own way?

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Some reasons my cat bites me. 
When Bright Eyes was less than a year old, I practiced her playing with a mouse like toy tied at the end of a string. I wrote down things she learned and …

My husband got a wild kitten from his daughter as a gift. She absolutely loved him and sleeps on him every night. However, you could not touch her much …

I always have one foot out of the covers. During the night Zeb will bite my foot to wake me up. Plus the meowing a good part of the night. When he is …

Pinpin Bites at Feeding Time. 
Cheeky kitty I have a cat called Pinpin, she is two years old, she is also a rescue cat. I have noticed that she will give me a gentle nip with …

My cat became aggressive when petted. 
I had a cat that would become aggressive when I petted her. She was a beautiful tuxedo cat, the love of my life, and the smartest cat I have ever …

Attack Kitty 
I have a female kitten of 2 1/2 to 3 months. I found her on my 92 year old mother's terrace when she was a month old. My mother liked her so much and we …

My cat has become very aggressive and attacks me when sleeping 
I have a 13yr old black cat. The past few months she's been attacking my arms by biting and scratching. I spray her with a water bottle and she calms down, …

Baby Otiss is a monster 
I have a two month old kitten I took in. He is the absolute love of my life. Not only is he handsome, but he's very silly and smart. I just have one little …

Why does my cat bite me? 
My male cat who has been neutered and is nearly 2 years old has started biting me. He is very affectionate on the whole. I understand why he bites …

Disturbing Cat Behavior. 
My mother just shared a frightening story with me. Her new kitty has woken her up by biting her on her throat! My mother has been a cat owner for most …

Help!!! Kitten Biting!  
Help! My little kitten, whose about 12 weeks has a little Jackle n’ Hide complex going on. He’s absolutely adorable and snuggles with when I get …

The Biting She Beast. 
I had an alley cat one time that I tamed. This she beast was as black as the night, as black as coal, if it wasn't for her emerald green eyes you would …

Our Cat Bites My Legs. 
We have an eight year old cat we call Orville. I do have a lot of affection for this little creature even though I swear an cuss at him sometimes. My …

My cat bit me last night. 
I was bitten by my cat last night, I can tell you it was a shock because she has never bitten me before. She does nip me, not nasty nips but very loving. …

Would my cat bite children? 
Some time ago I read your page about cats that bite when you stroke them. This was the problem I was having with my black and white female, Kerry. At that …

Kathy  Not rated yet
I was bit by a cat almost a year ago. Was seen by a doctor soon after. Was placed on antibiotic and symptoms went away. About 5 months later noticed some …

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