Cat Books

Cat books, can you have too many of them?

Well yes, personally I think that is possible. I've found that, as with many things, you can stack your book shelves with good cat books only making good use of six or seven of them. The rest left to gather dust. 

There is no benefit gained from an unread book.

It takes a little time perhaps for a book, on any subject, to become an old standby. But I've found over time that it is better to have those than acquire every book on cat care, cat health etc. that gets published.

That would be a fair few books!

Cat art books are perhaps a different kettle of kitties. Monster coffee table tomes full of wonderful cat photographs, who can have enough of those? Especially as each one is different and doesn't contain conflicting advice.

Towards the end of the page I've listed a few cat and kitten book reviews, one being a particular recommendation.

The books featured immediately below are from a highly trusted online supplier.

Have fun choosing your cat reading...

Also available for Kindle download.
The Veterinarians' Guide to Your Cat's Symptoms

Also available for Kindle download.
Complete Kitten Care

Review of All I Needed to Know I Learned From My Cat (And Then Some)

Review of Catwatching by Desmond Morris

Review of ABC cat by Lorenz Kienzle

Review of The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats - Cat Breeds and Cat Care. (Highly Recommended)

Review of Cat Tails to Soothe the Soul - a collection of short cat stories 

Cat Magazines


Kitten Calendars for 2016.
These sumptuous 2015 kitten calendars are simply irresistible. Each and every calendar is crammed full of beautiful pictures of kittens. Kitten calendars - a joy to look at and a pleasure to own!

Stunning Pictures of Tabby Cats...
Pictures of tabby cats with their beautiful stripes and swirls. Everyone loves a tabby, whether you are a fan of Classic, Mackerel, or Ticked tabbies you will find posters or prints of tabby cats to delight you.