2016 Cat Calendars

2016 cat calendars are the perfect way to brighten up each and every day.

Calendars full of cats are bound to bring joy. As a treat for yourself, or as the perfect gift for all of your cat loving friends, these magnificent 2016 calendars are sure to please.

Lang Love of Cats 2016 Wall Calendar by Persis Clayton Weirs, January 2016 to December 2016, 13.375 x 24 Inches (1001926)
Beautiful illustrations on linen embossed paper with metal reinforced hole for hanging. A perfect gift for the cat lover.

Lang Cats In The Country 2016 Wall Calendar by Susan Bourdet, January 2016 to December 2016, 13.375 x 24 Inches
Another beautiful kitty calendar by Lang. This time with the country cousin cats.

Ragdoll Cats 2016 Wall Calendar
Ragdoll Cats 2016 Wall Calendar Ragdoll cats are gentle giants that are very trusting and view all humans as their friend. Very people oriented, extremely easygoing, non-aggressive cats that are very good with children. The Ragdoll Cats 2016 Wall Calendar contains twelve charming full color photographs of this splendid breed to delight you all the year round.

Ginger Cats Mini Wall Calendar 2016: 16 Month Calendar
Ginger Cats Mini 2016 Wall Calendar Everyone loves ginger or red cats. The cats in this wall calendar are all as lovely and cute as can be. Most usually male, ginger cats are the boys around town, the cats that you notice because of their beautiful distinctive coats. Ginger cat calendars are very popular each year, secure yours, order now.

Black Cats 2016 Wall Calendar
Some people want to believe that black cats go hand in hand with bad luck! But that is pure superstition, the reality is black cats are loving and devoted pets that happen to be dark and mysterious looking. Make 2016 your luckiest year yet with this fabulous 2015 black cat calendar.

Siamese Cats 2016 Wall Calendar
Siamese kittens are pure white at birth, over time the ‘points’ of color develop on the face, paws and tail, giving the Siamese their breathtakingly stunning good looks. Affectionate and inquisitive there is nothing more a typical Siamese likes to do but ‘talk’ to you. Celebrate these gorgeous cats with this splendid 2016 wall calendar. Order yours today.

Tuxedo Cats 2016 Wall Calendar
Watch out! Those lovable Tuxedo Cats are out on the town again. They’ve brushed up their tails and are dressed for a swanky night of living it up. Everybody loves these friendly black and white cats and that’s just what you get in this superb 2016 wall calendar. Treat yourself and treat your cat loving friends.

Maine Coon Cats 2016 Wall Calendar
What strikingly handsome cats Maine Coons are. Big but gentle and very, very loyal, these cats win hearts so very easily. Maine Coon cats’ thick double coats were developed to withstand the often tough climate of New England and magnificent coats they are too. Feast your eyes on the stunning Maine Coons in this 2016 calendar all year long.

What Cats Teach Us Wall Calendar
What can cats teach us? They can teach us plenty about the important things in life. How to sleep in a sunbeam, how to leave hair on everything, how to stay out all night, and most importantly, how to share love. Order yours today, you will be glad that you did.

Kitten Calendars
These sumptuous kitten calendars are simply irresistible. Each and every one crammed full of beautiful pictures of kittens. Kitten calendars - a joy to look at and a pleasure to own!

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