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Male Cat Behavior : How is Tom Behaving

The affects of neutering on male cat behavior. Neutering can vastly improve the behavior of a male cat, with benefits for both you and your pet.

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Cat Bad Breath : Feline halitosis more than unpleasant

Cat bad breath may mean more than your pet not being nice to be near. It is sometimes a clue that something needs attention and possibly a medical condition exists.

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Cat Illness : Early Signs That Your Cat Is Unwell.

By knowing the early signs of cat illness you have a much better chance of getting professional help for your cat before the ailment or disease is in an advanced state.

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Short life

One day around 18 months ago,a black cat sat outside my window on the wall.shy as is was I put some dog food out for it, you see I have three little dogs,

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Mia has an attitude! 🌻

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Mia want WifiπŸ™Œ

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🐱 "Keep it moving lady,this tree is taken" πŸŽ„πŸΎ

Hi,this is Sassy, my 8yo daughters 4month old kitten. I was trying to decorate our Christmas tree tonight (11/20/16) and she came popping out as I was

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My Maine coon kitty,Baloo

Baloo is our first Maine coon: we already had another cat, a Persian chinchilla 2 and a half years. We chose this breed for its liveliness: we needed a

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My kitten Gamila from Egypt,she has changed my entire life from bored useless one to enthusiasts and excited one.

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Cat Ringworm – Treatment of Feline Ringworm.

Basically there is no difference between cat ringworm and any other type. The infection is zoonotic, it can pass from animals to humans and is highly contagious.

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Cat Litter Boxes : Find a litter box to suit your cat.

There are many types and styles of cat litter boxes available. Discover how to make a choice depending on your cat's size, age, health, needs and preferences.

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Premium Cat Food, choosing the correct cat food.

Why premium cat food? Discover why many cat owners find that premium food satisfies their cats’ appetites effectively, and improves the condition of their cats’ coats.

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I was bit by a cat almost a year ago. Was seen by a doctor soon after. Was placed on antibiotic and symptoms went away. About 5 months later noticed some

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What is the Best Cat Food for Your Feline?

Feed your cat the best cat food for optimum health. All cat food is not created equal and some of it is little more than junk food.

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What Is The Best Dry Cat Food?

My top picks for the best dry cat food. Keep your kitty healthy and avoid vet bills by feeding him what he needs.

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Kitten Adoption - Choosing, Preparing and Caring for a New Kitten

How to choose and care for a new kitten in your home so you get off to a good start with your new fur baby.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Behaviors

Some cat behaviors seem wierd to us but they may be perfectly normal. Here are the answers to your FAQ about what your cat is doing.

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"Two Lost Kittens"

As I was driving past a wooded area near my house I saw a little black kitten sitting in the street next to a curb. I turned the car around and sure

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Bitten By Cat Fleas : What to do.

Do you know what to do if you are bitten by cat fleas? Is it harmful? Find out how you can stop it happening again.

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Cat Dehydration - How does a cat become dehydrated?

In most cases, if your cat is showing symptoms of dehydrating she will need help. Cat dehydration is too serious to take chances. If in any doubt consult your veterinarian.

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Buddy The Wonder Cat

My name is Sean, and Buddy (called kitty at the time) had come together when I retrieved him from the garbage dumpster behind my apartment bldg. I took

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Cat Vaccinations Save Feline Lives.

The extremely rare occurrences of adverse reaction to cat vaccinations should not deter you from protecting your pet. The benefits gained far out weigh any tiny risk.

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