Cat Care Tips

You are seeking information about cat care, most likely for one of two reasons.

Perhaps you already have a cat as a companion, you likely know something about caring for your cat, but need some specific information or you would like to find additional advice about looking after your cat.

Or perhaps you have never shared your home with a feline and are researching the information you require to look after a cat.

Good for you, it is wise to know as much as you can about all that is required to give your new pet all the care, attention and love she or he needs and deserves.

Cat Care and The Veterinarian

Your veterinarian is the best friend that you and your cat can have.

Veterinary care and advice costs money, occasionally a lot of money, but this should not prevent you from using a vet's services when you have to.

At some point your cat will need the attention of a veterinarian, it's a fact of life, even if it is just for shots or for neutering.

cat careBy giving your cat proper care you can drastically reduce your need for a veterinarian.

The cost of cat care is more than just the cost of cat food.

Times can be tough and money can be tight but please, if you cannot afford the inevitable costs involved in caring for a cat, (including veterinarian fees,) then please do not get yourself a cat.

However, by giving your cat proper care you can drastically reduce your need for a veterinarian.

By learning all that you can on how to look after your feline friend, by reading good cat health books and visiting cat websites such as this one, you will reduce the number of times that you find yourself caring for a sick cat, and you and your pet will enjoy many happy years together.

A Cared For Cat Is A Fit Cat

Just like humans cats need exercise, without the ability to exercise their bodies they may grow overweight.

Bad eating habits also causes excess weight of course, but cats that do not exercise enough will not burn the calories and so pile on the pounds.

If your cat has access to the outdoors it is likely that she enjoys exercise in the form of hunting even if she never catches any prey, and by interaction with other cats.

Cats that are kept indoors however, may need your help to get the physical workout they need to keep in tip top health.

A little playtime with your cat each day will help keep your cat fit, it's good fun too! Even just tossing kitty a ball of crumpled up paper will help to give her exercise.

Cats love to climb, if they can't get outdoors and climb trees etc. they will climb up your drapes and on your furniture, if you let them. Climbing is a natural instinct for cats and good exercise for them, if your cat is indoors all day, consider a cat climbing tree.  Indoor cats can be trained to walk on a leash and taken outdoors for exercise.

Your Cat – Looking Good

Keeping your cat looking good on the outside is just as much a part of cat care as ensuring that your cat is healthy on the inside.

You would be forgiven for thinking that a cat does a pretty fine job of keeping themselves looking good, after all most felines spend ages grooming themselves and cats must be one of the cleanest animals around.

But living in a human environment means that your cat does need your help in keeping her coat in good condition. How to Groom a Cat.

cat care image
Your cats depend on you. You are responsible for ensuring they stay in good health and for providing a safe environment for them.

It is not necessary for you to learn to be a professional groomer to give your cat care, unless of course your cat is a show cat.

A once a week session if your cat is short haired, possibly more frequently if long haired, and your cat should have a stunning coat.

A grooming session is also an ideal opportunity to check for many health issues, such as cat parasites, cat hair loss, and other cat skin problems.

Caring For Your Cat's Teeth

One part of caring for a cat that many folks forget about is caring for their teeth.

Perhaps that is because animals in the wild do not have to do anything in particular to maintain dental health and so folks assume their cat's teeth look after themselves. But domestic cats are not in the wild and lead completely different lives, especially as regards their diet.

A very small amount of time spent caring for your cat's teeth each day will help prevent plaque, tartar, gingivitis and gum disease, and save much dental treatment for your cat.

Sharing Your Home

You need patience when you share your home and life with a cat, and sometimes you need plenty of it.

Cats are known for their independence and sometimes a cat's view of acceptable behavior is different to the view a human might have.

However, as independent as they are, cats can be trained so that they can share your home without causing you to pull your hair out.

But it will take patience and love, patience is very much a part of cat care. Cat Behavior Cat Psychology.

Sometimes a cat will look perfectly healthy when in fact she or he is sick, and only a visit to your veterinarian will establish if the reason for your cat behaving badly is a medical one.

Being concerned for your cat's health is an important part of giving your cat love.

It's All Up To You

Caring for your cat means being a provider – You have to provide your cat with healthy nutritious food of course, but there are some other things you may have to provide for your cat.

You need to make sure that your home is safe for your cat. Make sure that you don't have plants that are toxic to cats if they should nibble on them. Special measures need to be taken on holidays such as Halloween to make sure your cat is safe.

Cats do not ask for much, mostly they ask for your love, but they do need some other things in order to enjoy a good life.

You will need to provide a litter box, the cat litter and litter box training, yes your cat may need a little gentle encouragement.

If you want to prevent your feline companion from scratching up your furniture you may want to provide a sturdy scratching post, and to train your cat how to use it. A cat bed is a good idea unless you want him or her to be sleeping right in the middle of your bed.

cared for cat image
Your cats depend on you.

At some time or other you will need to take your pet somewhere, to the grooming salon, to the veterinarian and to take your cat along with you when you make trips, for that you will need a cat carrier.

Talking of trips, if you cannot take your cat with you please do not leave your cat to fend for itself.

Try and arrange for a pet sitter to care for your cat while you are away, or for a neighbor to look in daily and supply fresh water and food.

Alternatively board your cat out somewhere she will be responsibly looked after.

The Benefits of Neutering

If you care about your cat please consider spaying or neutering. Apart from the very important fact that there are far too many unwanted kittens and cats in this world, neutering has benefits for both male cats and female cats.

Male cats that are neutered are likely to be less aggressive and less likely to spray. If you have your female cat spayed you will not have to learn about pregnant cat care.  Read about how to care for a spayed cat.

Older Cat Care

As your cat ages the amount and type of care that she needs will change.

A cat that was gentle as a younger cat, may become noticeably more aggressive in her behavior due to age related issues.

She may lay around and sleep more than she once did and perhaps give less attention to grooming herself and her dietary needs may change. See Elderly Cat Health for advice on caring for older cats.

Give Some Shade

Remember that although cats are famous for laying stretched out catching the rays of the sun, too much sun can be harmful for them.

The area around their eyelids, tips of their ears, noses and mouths is particularly at risk and white and light colored cats are the most vulnerable.

If your cats spend time outside try and discourage them from laying in the midday sun and provide a shaded area for them.

The Importance of Water

A cat will remind you that she or he needs feeding, but please never forget that your pet needs fresh water available at all times. Cats that eat moist canned food may not seem to drink much of it but it is still essential that water is available. (See Cat Dehydration )

Your cat does not need milk, in fact some cats are lactose intolerant and cow milk will cause tummy problems.

The Reward for Your Cat Care

A cat may seem like the ideal low maintenance pet. Indeed you do not have to venture out into the cold and rain to walk them and it does not cost that much to provide them with a healthy diet.

But please do not make the mistake of thinking you can just feed them and forget them. Your cats depend on you.

You the human are responsible for ensuring they stay in good health and you are responsible for providing a safe environment for your pet.

Provide good cat care and your cat will reward you. Despite their, often unfair, reputation for aloofness, cats can reward you with companionship, affection and love, but that love has to be earned.

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