A Good Quality Cat Carrier is Essential for Traveling With Your Cat

Cat Carrier With Cat

At some time in the life of your cat you will need a cat carrier.

It is essential to have a safe means of transporting your pet, to the vet, to the grooming salon, and to take your cat along with you on trips.

To try and make a journey in your car with a loose cat would be inviting an accident.

Don't think you can get away with just putting your cat in a cardboard box just because you are traveling a short distance.  I tried that once with an 18 pound tom cat named Boots. It was ok until we got the box into the car and started the engine. He had that box ripped apart within 20 seconds.

If possible place your cat in the carrier for short periods ahead of making a journey, this will help your cat get used to being contained in it.

Try placing your cat's favorite toy inside and if kitty does wander in give plenty of praise, or even a treat, so that your cat relates good feelings with being in there.

Traveling can be a cause of anxiety for cats, but can be greatly reduced with preparation, love, and the correct choice of a kitty carrier.

If you have an indoor only cat, you will find a carrier useful to contain your cat for a short while, if you need to have the doors to your home open.

Choosing A Cat Carrier

There are a variety of styles and types of carrier available, choose the model most suited to the needs of your cat and yourself.

The carrier needs to be large enough to enable your cat to lie down, and be able to turn around, but not so large that your kitty will feel insecure inside. If your kitty is going to be in the carrier for more than an hour, the carrier needs to be large enough for the cat to stand up with about an inch left above his head.  This is a requirement by many airlines.

If your pet is still a kitten or has not yet reached full growth, allow for this when deciding which carrier to buy.

It is vitally important that the carrier that you select has adequate ventilation.

A cat is likely to become stressed when traveling, even on short trips, and this could mean an increased breathing rate, so vents on at least three sides to enable air to flow through are pretty much essential.

Some cats protest quite adamantly at being placed into a pet carrier from the front, if your cat's carrier has a top loading hatch that enables you to load kitty in feet first it may save some stress.

You can get carriers with soft sides, or with hard sides. Soft sides may lessen blows from bumping and sliding during trips, and may help to make some cats feel more secure.

However soft sided carriers may get too warm for your cat in hot weather, and ensuring good ventilation may prove difficult. Also, you may find soft sided carriers somewhat difficult to clean up should your cat have a little accident.

Cat carriers are a requirement for flying with your kitty.

The suitability depends on whether your cat is to travel in the cargo hold, or be secured under your seat. Most airlines approve only hard sided carriers.

Some carriers are in fact portable pet homes or kennels. These portable pet homes offer the advantage that your cat will already be in a familiar place so may find the experience of a trip a little less stressful.

Whichever style or type of carrier you decide on, do make sure that it can be fastened securely, you don't want the possibility of your cat getting out until you let her or him out!

Top opening is less frightening to cats and gives you easy access when needed.

Petmate Two Door Top Load 24-Inch Pet Kennel

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  • Storage compartment
  • ID Tag
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Collapsable Pet Carrier with Hard Cover

Carriers for Large Cats

Large front door opening is more inviting for cat.  Collapses for easy storage.

SportPet Designs Travel Cat Carrier Front Door

  • Enough room for two cats.
  • Collapsible
Necoichi Portable Cat Cage Stress Free Trip

Moving With Your Cat

Moving to a new home, they say, is one of life's most stressful experiences.  If you are moving with your cat then the experience can be twice as stressful -- both for you and your cat.

Cat Travel Tips

Cat travel tips for car and air. Traveling with a cat can be troublesome, or it can be a relatively stress free experience for both you and your kitty with these travel tips.

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