Cat Climbing Trees

Cat in Climbing Tree

Some may think that cat climbing trees are a luxury item just for pampered cats . . .

. . . but the fact is that these items of cat furniture can be of immense benefit for domestic cats, particularly indoor only cats.

The humans that share their home with cats may also think that cat climbing trees are a blessing.

Designed to Climb

Cats not only enjoy climbing, they are actually designed to climb.

When they were in the wild cats often climbed trees to escape from predators who were unable to clamber after them.

On the other hand, climbing up was also useful for pouncing down upon passing prey.

Their powerful hind legs and strong muscular backs ensure that cats can propel themselves up a tree with ease, however they are not so good at climbing back down where the design of their bodies works against them.

This is one reason why you will often find domestic cats stuck up trees having been chased up there by a dog.

A cat that is allowed outside has the opportunity to satisfy climbing urges on fences and trees and the like.

But all an indoor only cat can do is make use of your furniture, and in the process knock things down to the floor and maybe leave a few scratch marks.

Cat trees give indoor cats a place to satisfy their climbing needs without upsetting their humans.

Of course many cats that can go outdoors also appreciate cat climbers even though they have plenty of places to climb outside. Why? Well cats are cats.

Cat Climbing Trees – Good For Cats!

Often cat climbers are known as cat gyms because many models offer other forms of kitty exercise like hanging toys that cats can bat at to their hearts content.

Many of the more elaborate trees have hidey-holes, or even tunnels, at the lower levels for your felines to hang out in.

One version even features an enclosed litter pan, so your cat can play on his tree house without leaving it the whole day long.

Most models will sport at least one perch where your cat can roost and observe things from upon high, or just keep himself out of the way of humans in a busy household.

Scratching is not forgotten, most cat trees will have a built-in scratching area.

Usually at least one of the poles will be wound with sisal rope for your feline to harmlessly drag his or her claws over.

Choosing Your Cat Climbing Trees

The basic models primarily consist of a medium height pole, with one or two perches. If you have only one cat that doesn’t want to climb very high then one of these may suit.

On the other hand, if your cat is on the large size or likes to clamber right up high to show that they are king of the castle, or you have several cats, you probably will do better with a cat climber that offers a little more.

If you want to go to extremes you can order a monster size hand made construction, made from bark covered branches that retails for excess of $500, designed to be sited outside, just in case there are no real trees out there!

It is important that the base is wide and broad enough to prevent the cat climber from tipping over.

Be sure too that any perches are able to hold the weight of your cat, and that any entrances to tunnels are large enough for your cat to get through.

Size and design is also an important consideration, most cat trees don’t take up much floor space but if you have a small room you may not want one that spreads out too far.

Generally these cat climbers are simple enough to put together.

Be warned however that sometimes the claim that the item “assembles in minutes” needs to be taken with a little pinch of salt. After all, your cat’s climbing condo needs to be able to take a bit of punishment so it needs to be erected correctly.

Cats, especially cats that are confined to being indoors need stimulation, they need something that holds their interest and cat climbing trees can do that in spades.

Available in various heights.
Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory

Available in various heights.
Cat Tree, Beige

Available in black or white.
The Sebastian Modern Cat Tree

Cat Condos

The sides of this condo are good for scratching.  Inside cushions are removable for cleaning.

Trixie Pet Products Lilo Modular 3-Story Cat Tower

The bottom post of this condo turns when scratched.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo

Easy to assemble large cat play tree.

New Cat Condos Premier Large Cat Play Tree

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