Why You Absolutely Should Get Your Cat Fixed

Deep down, you already know that you should get your cat fixed.

Every year millions of unwanted cats are put to sleep. These are, in the main, perfectly good cats that would have made someone a marvelous pet or companion.

Sadly, there isn’t anywhere near the number of potential adopters as there are kitties looking for a home.

How does getting your cat neutered help with this problem?

You may think that, should your cat produce a litter, many of your friends will eagerly volunteer to take a kitten.

After all, your kitty is gorgeous and bound to produce sweet kittens, there will be no question of an unwanted litter.

When it comes to it, you may find that although your cat’s kittens are indeed as cute as a button, suddenly most of your friends are far too busy to take on the responsibility of a pet.

And those that do adopt a kitten may not be so enthusiastic once the novelty wears off.

They thought that they could look after the animal with no problems until the reality of caring, feeding, vet’s bills and all kicked in.

What do they do then? First thing is they try to get you to take it back. When that doesn’t work they look for someone else to take kitty off their hands, no takers.

Then they find that all the rescue shelters are full (because there are millions of unwanted cats.)

What happens next? They turn the poor kitten loose. After all, they reason, it’s an animal, it can hunt, and it can fend for itself. Result, one more feral cat.

Think that's not enough reason to get your cat fixed?

An un–fixed (un-spayed) female cat can give birth to three litters a year, with up to six kittens in the litter. That’s a lot of friends that are willing to take on a kitty that you will need.

That’s a big chance that many of those kittens will end up feral or put to sleep.

"No need to get my little cat fixed. She never goes outside!"

Hah! If you had one dollar for every indoor only cat that got pregnant you wouldn’t feel the need to ever play the lottery again.

Fact is cats that “never go outside” do get outside.

cat sittingSpaying and neutering are not expensive procedures, prices vary, check around, call various veterinarians and clinics.

You leave the door open while you hang the washing and she’s out.

You were chatting on the porch with a neighbor who called by on her way to the store. Neither of you noticed kitty creep out, she didn’t make a sound, she wasn’t wearing boots after all.

The window was left open, just a tad, while you were out but your cat is not a climber she couldn’t have got out the window could she?

But she was outside for such a short time. There is no way that anything could have happened is there? Yep, she’s expecting.

Get your indoor only cat fixed and then there really will be no chance of an unwanted litter.

"Harry Boy here sure isn't going to give birth to a litter. What's the point in getting a male cat fixed"?

An un-fixed male will roam far and wide in his quest to find a female in heat, across busy roads right through the traffic, it don’t matter to him, there is only one thing on his mind.

He will clash with rival males too, often these disputes are very vicious.

If the traffic or the competition doesn’t put an end to him he may find that, when the fun is all over he has roamed so far that he hasn’t a clue where he is and can’t find his way home.

By getting Harry Boy fixed he will stand a better chance of drawing his pension and will be less likely to get himself lost.

Oh Man! So it’s only the female cat that is responsible for a litter is it?

Does the same hold true for humans? Where did you get your facts of life from, must have been a different place than the rest of us! Neutering Male Cats reduces the amount of unwanted kittens, end of story. Go get your male cat fixed now! While you're there buddy, get yourself fixed too.

Neutered male cats are likely to enjoy a much longer life than their unaltered cousins.

Un-fixed male cats are extremely likely to spray. Lets be clear here, this is spraying urine to mark out his territory. This sends out the message “Hey, this is my manor, keep away”.

Harry Boy is likely to think of the inside of your house as his territory and you don’t want him spraying there. Pheew, no you don’t.

With the majority of male cats getting them fixed will end, or greatly reduce, spraying although some will continue.

"Shouldn't I let my female cat have one litter before getting her fixed"?

Nope. A myth, an old wives tale.

"OK, how much to get my cat fixed"?

Spaying and neutering are not expensive procedures. As with many things prices vary, check around, call various veterinarians and clinics.

black cat

Getting your cat fixed is likely to save you the cost of many vet bills. This is true for both male and female cats.

Female kitties that are fixed before they first come on heat will be at reduced risk of mammary cancer, and will not be at risk of pyometra.

Males that are fixed are less likely to cost you a large veterinarian’s bill through squabbling over territory.

And so, Joe, it is not the question of what it cost to get a cat fixed, which is just a one-off cost anyway. But a question of better health for your cat, and the probability of a longer life.

Also and very importantly, having your cat fixed will mean that you will not be contributing to the misery of millions of feral and unwanted cats. Make that appointment now.

Get Your Cat Fixed

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