Cat from Heaven?

by Joyce Thorburn
(Alberta, Canada)

Playing Free Cell

Playing Free Cell

WE...hubby and I...have always been dog people. We both have "health challenges" and decided,after we had to put our Lakeland terrier, Scoobie, down that we could no longer have a dog.

Our son Ken was visiting and suggested we get a new dog. I explained why we couldn't and Ken told me he was going to get me a beautiful cat.

He got killed losing control of his motorcycle when on his way to his brother's house.

About 4 months later my husband came home with a slip off a bulletin board. Some lady was giving away kittens. Hubby called her, got directions and took off. He was back within 45 minutes. No kitten. He had gotten lost.

I called the lady, got new directions and off we went, again. We couldn't find the back road where the farm was supposed to be. Jim decided to go shopping and dropped me off at home.

The Lady called me and ended up dropping off the little black kitten. As we were standing by the door, talking...the kitten still in the travel husband got home from shopping. He was carrying a large travel case in which a Siamese cat was meowing.

The lady seemed to understand and told me she would not have a problem getting rid of her kitten. She left.

"Meet Diablo" my husband said as he let the cat out.

But Diablo ran and hid in my bed room closet. He stayed there for three days and two nights. But every morning his litter box was used and the food was gone.

the third night he came out, jumped on my bed and has slept with me ever since.

My youngest son stated: "But Mom, you must realize Ken orchestrated all that chaos and confusion so you would get this cat" I'm not a superstitious person, but I do like to believe this.

Diablo even seem to be a lot like Ken. Very sensitive to my moods, very affectionate and.....he can't take no for an answer.

He's been a great comfort to me and seems to feel when I go through one of my "bad" days. He'll climb on my chest and stroke my face with his paw.

When he is inside he'll follow me around like a puppy. He's very vocal and we have long "conversations".

I love him to pieces and he's a link to my son for me.

He's almost 12 and we've had him 2 years now.

Apparently Ken had told Peter he was going to get us a Siamese. Coincidence? I don't really believe in coincidences. (the picture I'm sending is NOT Diablo but he looks exactly like that and Does sit at the computer like that at times.)

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Oct 16, 2008
Meant for you
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Joyce,

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your story with us.

It does seem that Diablo was meant for you doesn't it. I'm sure that he will talk to you and give you his love and affection for years to come.

I wish I was as good at Free Cell as Diablo's stand in seems to be.

Larry (Editor)

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