Cat Health -- Keeping Your Cat Well

Every cat owner needs to concern themselves with cat health problems and issues.

A cat is a robust animal, a survivor, so much so that it may keep going regardless, sometimes making it rather difficult to notice if your cat is unwell or has been injured.

Knowing your cat, giving it regular checks, and studying a little about the characteristics of a cat's body can help in signaling a health problem to you.

The first indication that your cat is unwell may be a small change in its behavior that may only be appreciable by you.

Likewise a change in your cat's appearance, the condition of its coat for example, could be a sign that your cat is ill. Pay particular attention to changes in feeding and drinking habits.

Cat Health - Weighing Your Cat Regularly

Your cat's weight can be an indicator of its state of health. A fit and healthy cat will keep a steady weight, a significant change, particularly a drop, could be a sign that all is not well.

Weighing your cat regularly can alert you to possible health problems.

Special pet scales are available, but if you don't have them weigh yourself on your bathroom scales, and then again holding your cat, subtract one weight from the other.

This method is, of course, not very accurate but if you use the same procedure each time it will show if your cat is losing or gaining weight.

Your Cat's Coat and Health

Your cat's coat is a good barometer of the state of your cat's health.

The coat reflects the caliber of a cat's diet, level of activity and overall condition, it should be free from Dandruff and have a gleam to it.

Healthy CatA healthy coat is a good indication of the health of a cat.

A lifeless, dry or course appearance with unusually raised fur is an indication that you should make some cat wellness checks.

The fur of a healthy cat will be smooth and pleasant to the touch, and without any Bald Patches brought about by scratching.

Eczema, Fleas, allergies, stress and Feline Ringworm are some of the causes of scratching, your vet will give advice and prescribe treatment.

We all know how clean an animal a healthy cat is.

Domestic cats spend a great deal of their time washing and grooming themselves. But no matter how well your cat cleans herself, you should spend time to regularly Groom Your Cat.

Grooming your cat achieves many other things other than making your cat look tip top, it is an essential part of cat health care.

A grooming session is also the perfect time to check your cat for any lumps, or bumps and to check the condition of her fur.

If when grooming you comb out gritty dirt, you need to check further, it's a probable sign that your cat has been attacked by Ticks, Lice, Fleas or Mites.

Your Veterinarian - Best for Cat Health Information, Advice and Treatment

The aim of this webpage is to give basic feline health information. However should you suspect that your cat is unwell, or has an injury you should contact your veterinarian without delay.

Many problems are easier to treat early on, delaying treatment could cause unnecessary suffering to your cat and mean higher treatment costs.

It is advisable to register with a veterinary as soon as you obtain your pet, do not wait until an emergency occurs. See Taking Your Cat to the Vet

As part of your grooming routine check your cat's nails and if necessary trim them using cat nail clippers, not scissors.

black and white cat

Holding the paw firmly squeeze the paw at the base of the nail, this will cause the nail to protrude.

Trim off the tip of the nail using a single stroke. Do not cut into the quick, cutting into the quick will cause pain to your cat and cause bleeding.

File the trimmed nail to smooth the edge.

Regular nail trimming is vital to cat health and wellness, preventing the claws from growing too long, and forcing your cat to walk on the sides of its feet which can cause painful joint problems.

Never even consider Cat Declawing

Cat Eye Health

A cat has a third, inner eyelid, the haw or nictitating (blinking) membrane, which should not be exposed.

If this third eyelid can be seen covering part of the eye it probably denotes a cat health problem. This could be an infection, a foreign body in the eye, or it is possibly a sign of stress.

If there is swelling, redness, squinting or thick yellow discharge it is a cause for concern. The eyes of a healthy cat are clear and moist, pupils should react to bright light and not be dilated.

Any sign of something wrong with your Cat's Eyes and your veterinarian should be consulted.

Give Your Cat's Ears a Health Check

The presence of clear wax in your cat's ears is perfectly normal, however deposits of crumbly, dark brown wax could be an indication of Ear Mites and treatment could be needed.

red cat and veMany feline health problems are easier to treat early on, delaying treatment could cause unnecessary suffering and mean higher treatment costs.

Grass "burrs" or seeds, can enter your cat's ear canal causing irritation. A cat will naturally scratch at the irritation, and the ear becomes infected and traumatized.

The wall of the ear canal is easily damaged in a cat fight.

A puncture could result in a large blood blister that could become infected if left untreated.

If you are the owner of Outdoor Cats performing a regular health check on your pet's ears will prevent many problems.

If the ears are very hot, your cat may be running a temperature and it may be necessary to consult your veterinary office (be sure that this is not due to your cat lying in the sun or next to the fire.)

Vomiting and Cat Health

Light Vomiting is in all probability not a cause for alarm, it could be due to a number of reasons.

Your cat has eaten too quickly, maybe because of the presence of other pets, or being fed in a noisy stressful area.

It could be a reaction to prey that it has caught and eaten, or its food was too cold, bringing about a gastrointestinal upset.

Your cat may have been over hungry when it ate, therefore its stomach was empty. The vomit is usually a yellow, frothy texture.

If your cat is vomiting due to Hairballs, its normal behavior should not be affected. It is usual for your cat to give a retching cough just before fetching up a hairball.

All cat types, including shorthaired, benefit from regular grooming to help prevent shedding and swallowing hair.

Persistent vomiting, especially if it contains even a spot of blood, is a cat health concern, and your vet should be consulted. Your veterinarian may ask you to bring along a sample of your cat's vomit.

Always consider the possibility that your cat could have ingested something Poisonous.

Lethargic Cat - Is Something Wrong?

Whatever your cat's normal energy level is there will be times when she or he will be inactive, flopped out and not interested in doing much. Is this a sign that something is wrong with the health of your cat? It may be, but not necessarily so. Lethargic Cat.

Cat Bad Breath

Bad breath may mean more than your pet not being nice to be near. It is sometimes a clue that something needs attention and possibly a medical condition exists.

A cat’s breath should not be persistently or acutely offensive. Cat With Bad Breath.

Call Your Vet Immediately If...

  • Your cat has been the victim of a road accident
  • There is blood in vomit urine or stools
  • Your cat is bleeding from the genitals
  • Your cat is running a high temperature
  • Your cat has difficulty breathing
  • Your cat is vomiting and has diarrhea at the same time
  • Your cat has an extreme thirst
  • Your cat shows any cat health symptom that you are unsure of, don't know how to treat, or is life threatening in any way.

Also see Cat Illnesses and early signs of illness.

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