Cat Illnesses

 Cat Illnesses and Symptoms

Domestic cats are, by and large, healthy creatures. A good diet and your love, affection and attention will go a long way in preventing your feline from becoming ill.

There are many feline ailments that have the same or similar symptoms to other illnesses. 

It can be very difficult for the average cat owner to make any sort of diagnosis.

tabby cat faceCats like to keep their coats in good condition. If a cat neglects grooming, there will be a reason for it.

Even when illnesses are correctly identified, knowing the best treatment is beyond the layman.

What would be the best treatment for one cat may be completely ineffective for another cat suffering the same illness.

A trained and qualified veterinarian is the best possible person to diagnose and treat any health problems, diseases or disorders a cat may have.

This page lists some of the more common cat illnesses and conditions ( it is by no means an exhaustive list.)

Also some information about the conditions is given, or links to where the information may be found.

It is for your information only, if your cat is unwell, please take him or her to your veterinarian.

Feline Asthma

Feline Asthma is an inflammation of the bronchioles lung passageways ( bronchioles.)

The condition can also be referred to as cat asthma, feline bronchial disease, allergic bronchitis, and allergic airway disease.

This is a respiratory condition, a cat illness that makes it very difficult for your cat to breathe.

Many 'triggers' can set off an asthmatic attack including allergens (both airborne and non-airborne,) food allergies, bacterial infection and certain viruses. It is thought that stress may also play a part.

See this page for more Feline Asthma information.

Cat Distemper

The first symptoms of feline distemper (Panleukopenia) that you notice, may be that your cat is sluggish and low-spirited, has a loss of appetite, is running a fever, and is possibly vomiting.

In common with many cat illnesses, a cat with feline distemper may display the 'third eyelid', a haw that shows at the inner corner of the eye.

If you suspect that your cat is suffering from this disease it is vital that you get her to a vet right away. Find out why - Cat Distemper.

Feline Aids

Feline immunodeficiency virus is, more often than not, spread through saliva from bite wounds of an infected cat. Tom cats are at a higher risk if allowed to roam freely as they are highly likely to get into fights.

Sexual activity however is not a major cause of the spread of feline aids.

cat looking arouhd

Following primary infection, the virus spreads to nearby lymph nodes and over time to all the lymph nodes.

This stage is usually without symptoms and can last for months.

In the second stage (sub clinical) the virus may lie dormant and again typically there are no symptoms.

In the final stage, often referred to as the chronic infection stage or feline aids, the immune system is impaired making the cat vulnerable to diseases and infections that would not greatly affect a cat in good health. Feline Aids.

Cat Illnesses - Kidney Disease

Feline kidney disease is a common cat health problem, in particular, but not exclusively for older cats.

Two of the most usual symptoms of cat kidney disease are an increase in urine production and an increased thirst.

As this illness progresses, other possible signs are, a disinterest in food and weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, painful joints, depression, smelly breath, an unkempt coat, increased blood pressure and sometimes mouth ulcers.

If your cat is showing symptoms of kidney disease, it is essential to take him or her to your veterinarian. More information Feline Kidney Disease

Feline Diabetes

Any owner of a cat with diabetes must be fully prepared to make an individual as well as a financial commitment to keep their animal as healthy as possible.

Feline diabetes can be controlled in much the same manner as diabetes can be controlled in humans.

Owners of diabetic cats can provide their pets treatment that will allow those felines to live a long life full of love and dedication.

Although Feline Diabetes can be controlled, this cat illness cannot be ignored without consequences.

Cat Arthritis

It is sad to see that your feline friend is not as agile as she once was. It is also distressing to know that your pet is in a degree of pain and discomfort.

A cat that has difficulty standing after resting, or walks stiffly may have arthritis.

Is there any treatment that can reduce the symptoms and improve the condition of an arthritic cat? Find out here - Cat Arthritis

Feline Heartworm

It was once believed that heartworm in felines was a very rare occurrence. However we now know that, although felines stand less chance of heartworm infection than canines, the condition can be more devastating for cats.

This is one of a few cat illnesses there is no approved treatment for at present. The side effects can be reduced however and a lot can be done to prevent the condition. Heartworms In Cats

Symptoms That Could Indicate Cat Illnesses

Most usually cat diarrhea is not serious and can be caused by something as simple as a change in your cat's diet. The condition can, however, also be a symptom that may show the presence of one or more of several different cat illnesses or health problems.

Diarrhea and vomiting together needs the attention of a vet because of the risk of cat dehydration.

Lethargic Cat. Cat inactive, flopped out and not interested in doing much. Is this a sign that something is wrong? It may well be, but not necessarily so.

black and white cat faceCats are, by and large, healthy creatures. A good diet and your love, affection and attention will go a long way in preventing your feline from becoming ill.

An occasional passing of gas by a cat is likely nothing to worry about. It can be unpleasant and embarrassing, but not usually a symptom of anything serious.

Frequent bouts of cat gas however could be a sign that something is not right.

As with humans, there are many things that can cause a cat to cough or sneeze. Likely the condition is only temporary and the cause something minor.

If the cat coughing or sneezing is prolonged or is accompanied by other symptoms, then it could be an indication of a cat illness and should be checked.

Some estimates claim that up to 40% of pet cats are overweight, clearly excess weight is not healthy for cats.

On the other hand weight loss, particularly rapid weight loss, can be a symptom of a serious disorder. Is your cat not eating? You need to discover why your cat is refusing food.

If your cat is eating but losing weight, then it could be a sign of several serious cat illnesses, don't ignore it, a healthy cat should keep a steady weight – contact your veterinarian.

The eyes are the window to the soul. A cat's eyes can also be a good indicator of health. Eyesight is as important to cats as it is to humans, to find out the conditions that can affect a cats eyes, read this page - Cat Eye Health.

Many cats, both short and long haired, have stunningly beautiful coats. As well as being good to look at the condition of a cat's coat can often tell us if the animal is in good health or not.

Cats like to keep their coats in good condition. If a cat neglects grooming, there will be a reason for it.

Patches of missing fur mean something is wrong. It could be the cat is grooming itself excessively, or some other problem.- cat hair loss.

A feline's skin is also prone to disorders due to some cat illnesses. Allergies, cat fleas, feline acne, stress and ringworm can all cause your cat skin problems.

Feline Stroke : Causes Of Strokes In Cats.
Feline stroke symptoms should not be ignored. If you think there is a chance that your cat could be a stroke victim then get your pet to the vet as soon as you can.

Cat Leukemia : Cats with the feline leukemia virus.
The cat leukemia virus is very worrisome for cat owners as, apart from being very infectious, there is no known cure for this condition at this present time.

Feline Dementia.
Many of the symptoms of feline dementia can also be signs of other cat health problems, so it may be difficult to determine if your elderly cat is suffering mental deterioration.

Remember that a trained and qualified veterinarian is the best person to diagnose and treat any health problems, diseases or ailments a cat may have.

Cat Illness : Early Signs That Your Cat Is Unwell.
By knowing the early signs of cat illness you have a much better chance of getting professional help for your cat before the ailment or disease is in an advanced state.

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