Cat Lets Himself Outdoors

by Karen Gabrail

My cat Mr. Mystic, is very sweet! lovable, and smart. Although, he is neutered and allowed to go outside on a leash with no problems, if I leave the screen door open (which I don't anymore,) he pretends that he is stretching and raises his paw and hits the door handle until the latch opens and out he goes!

We have to bring him back in and he gets grumpy. He is so persistent. Sometimes if he does achieve getting a run for it, he does come back and he never gets out of the yard.

When he comes in he stands at the front yard making a noise and meowing till we let him in. And of course, he 's starving and ready for sleep as cats do.

He is very lovable. He lays in my arms and lets me rock him to sleep with what seems like a smile on his face.

He is a beautiful Russian blue male cat , he is two years old now. He lays on my shoulder just like a baby and is my sleep partner, he's always close to me and his paw's on my arm. What a blessing to have him for such a pet, he's adorable and my sons and friends love him as well.

Thank- you ! Take care, sincerely, Ms. Karen G.

What a great name Mr. Mystic is for a Russian Blue cat. With those wonderful green eyes they do indeed look mystical. I have heard of other Russian Blues letting themselves outdoors, no doubt about it they are a very intelligent breed of cat. Make sure that he comes to no harm out there though. 

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Cat Lets Himself Out