A Cat Litter Mat Can Reduce the Mess

A cat litter matt will help keep your home tidier, cleaner, and fresher.

Your cat has been tracking and spreading cat litter all over your home and you are sick of the mess.

There is litter tracked right across your carpets, rugs and even on your expensive sofa.

It's unsightly, untidy and unhygienic.

You have the job of constantly cleaning it up.

You want to put an end to all that nonsense now.

Many folks find the best weapon for reducing litter tracking is a cat litter mat.

A mat will not solve the problem completely but it certainly can reduce that mess.

Tracking Litter is Not the Only Problem

Of course, your cat treading litter particles all over the floor isn't the only problem. It's in a cat's nature to cover over their mess.

You know how it goes, they scratch and scratch at the litter in their efforts to cover things up. Invariably some particles come flying right out of the box.

A high sided litter tray may help reduce the mess, but some cats just don't take to high sided boxes, or are unable to use them. Elderly Cats or Cats with Arthritis may not be able to climb in.

A Covered (hooded) Litter Box has the greatest potential for stopping the litter from going all over your room, but again, not all cats will use a covered box.

cat's pawLitter catcher mats are designed to remove litter particles caught in cats paws.

The advantages of litter trays with covers are – they give your cat privacy, they contain the litter and reduce Litter Box Odor.

Unfortunately this means they also trap more of the odor inside no matter how frequently you clean them, which is why some cats refuse to use them.

You may find the best solution to be an open litter box with a litter mat on each side of the box, not just where the cat exits.

Alternatively you can obtain a litter catcher mat that is large enough to go under the box and leave a perimeter around the outside.

Some cats, although they always use the litter box, stand a little too close to the edge and so sometimes pee over the side. A cat litter mat can help with this problem.

If there is an accident it's a heck of a lot easier to wash the mat than it is to clean up your carpet.

Non Tracking Litter

There are many brands and types of cat litter that claim to be non tracking, the litter is not meant to stick to the cat's paws.

Some folks report success, others report poor results.

Even if the litter does not get picked up by the cat's paws, and so does not get tracked when the cat leaves the box, it does not solve the problem of litter getting kicked out of the box.

Cats generally do not like the type of litter that they are accustomed to being changed.

They may rebel by refusing to use the box.

If you try a non tracking litter, do so gradually. Mix a little with your cat's regular litter, gradually increasing the amount until you are using only the non tracking.

Cat Litter Mat -- A Choice of Sizes and Styles

Most litter catcher mats have deep ridges or another kind of surface that catches the particles.

The mats are also designed to remove litter particles caught between cats paws, this means that the litter stays on the mat and is not tracked over your carpet, or on your furniture or wherever your cat walks.

The mats come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Perhaps the rectangular litter mats are the most practicable, but they are also available paw shaped, semi circular and square.

Simply place the litter trap mat where your cat exits the box. The litter gets left on the mat and not on your floor covering. Every so often take the mat outside and give it a shake, vacuum if necessary.

Most mats are wipe clean or are machine washable, see the manufactures instructions.

A cat litter mat is unlikely to stop all litter tracking but it should greatly reduce the problem. That means less work and a cleaner home for you.

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