Cat Lover

by Benya Hager

OK, I wanted a cat, or a kitten, it didn't matter which, I just wanted one! But mom doesn't like cats that much... It was three against one!

Dad, Dekia (my sister) and I loved cats we would do ANYTHING to get one. Mom would never let us even if she owned 10000 dollars if she was in the happiest mood it was always " NO!!!!! Stop asking!!! "

It was my 11th birthday when my mom said "Get one it your birthday... but if you don't take care of I am taking it a way.... and if you ask me it is not fair you will be grounded for a long time got it? " I had no words.

The next day we went to the pet store we all knew the perfect one, Abby the orange tabby cat (kitten) she is so cute! But she is old now!

Orange Tabby KittenOrange Tabby Kitten

A couple of months later I found a gray kitten on my bed, I quietly walked down stairs. That wasn't Abby, maybe it was a stray. Mom told me its name is Brooke.

Mom told me she was going to the store to get Abby some food when she saw Brooke she just couldn't let her self leave with that poor kitten in the store.

But I know the real story mom loves cats now and that’s why we got Dazzel too!

So that’s three cats that you have now. Is that right Benya? It’s great that Mom came around to liking cats. There’s nothing like a cute kitten for turning someone who’s cool about cats into a cat lover.  

Feline Vomiting
If you share your home with a cat, sooner or later you will encounter feline vomiting. All cats throw up sometimes.

Automatic Cat Litter Boxes
Automatic cat litter boxes save you the trouble of cleaning out the litter pan each day, for those of us who despise this chore, self cleaning litter boxes are heaven sent.

Cat Carrier, a must for a safe trip.
At some time your cat you will need a cat carrier. It is essential to have a safe means of carrying your pet, to the vet, to the grooming salon, and to take your cat with you on trips.

Cat Lover