Cat Plates

Collecting cat plates is an extremely popular hobby world wide.

The custom of collecting plates was embraced in the late 19th century, when refined production methods made porcelain affordable.

These plates mostly featured transfer blue and white designs in honor of notable occasions (royal weddings, coronations etc.), or local beauty spots.

Who knows when it was that collecting cat themed plates became popular, but cats, of course, have long been much loved household pets and put together with the interest in collecting plates, you have a subject with millions of devotees.

Some plates have increased tremendously in value over the years and many a plate collection is worth a small fortune. Not all plates gain in value however and, unless you are an expert, you should only invest in those pieces that please you. Regardless of whether or not a plate increases in monetary value they can have tremendous sentimental value to both those who collect them and family members who inherit them.

Like that plate and will be proud to display it in your home? - that's the best reason to purchase it, any increase in the plates value is a bonus. Also, cat plates make a wonderful gift to someone who loves cats so think of those people on your Christmas list.

Collectible Cat Plates

black cat plate
Cat Plates