Cat Portrait

Have you ever wondered if your cat could be the subject of a cat portrait, a real painting created by a specialist artist in oils on canvas?

Have you ever dreamed of owning an authentic oil painting of your cat, a work of art that displays the unique beauty, and individual character of your favorite feline?

Perhaps you have, but do not know anyone with the talent and expertise necessary to produce such a masterpiece, after all your cat is a much loved companion, and you desire your pet to be portrayed just as they are, correct to each and every whisker.

Boomer cat portrait image

Maybe you have considered commissioning a cat portrait, but dismissed the idea because you doubt that someone who does not have the privilege of knowing your pet would not be able to capture your cat’s personality on canvas.

The artist may be able to paint cats, but will they sufficiently reproduce the very essence of your feline friend’s character? Will the portrait be one of your unique cat and not just one of a cat of the same type and coat markings?

Peggy Krizak is a full-time artist with a deep love of animals and a natural ability for drawing and painting pets. Discovering at an early age that she has a rare talent that allows her to capture on canvas the love that radiates from a pet’s eyes, she devoted herself to a formal education in the arts and to developing her uncommon skills.

Working predominately in oils, Peggy has earned numerous commissions to create cat portraits and feels deeply honored with each new assignment and sets to work to fulfill each client’s expectations to their complete satisfaction.

“I feel a sincere and intense responsibility to interpret my subjects features and character not only accurately but with sensitivity and utmost care.”
Peggy Krizak.

 Marley cat portrait image
“ Marley” captured in oil on canvas by Peggy Krizak.

Your portrait can be of the feline, or felines that you currently share your life with. Or the painting can depict a treasured pet that has passed on to another existence, a way to memorialize and celebrate your pet’s life.

The artist is able to produce her wonderful portraits from photographs and the background shown in the photo does not present a problem, it can be changed or removed completely to make a painting that Peggy calls a “personality portrait”.

The Venetian oil painting technique, as used by the Old Masters, is favored by Peggy. This is the system of layering oil paint to achieve that luminosity and depth we so admire in those classic paintings. As each layer of paint must be completely dry before the next layer is applied it means that Peggy’s cat portraits cannot be produced quickly, however her clients find that the stunning quality of her finished work to be well worth the wait.

Needless to say only the highest quality materials are used for Peggy’s paintings.

“The most important aspect of any portrait is capturing your pet’s personality. It’s the look that melts your heart every time you gaze into their eyes. That’s my specialty.”
Peggy Krizak.

Take a look at Peggy’s Feline Collection. You will be able to get a sense of the quality of her oil portraiture and her talent for capturing the personality of a cherished feline. Peggy Krizak’s Cat Portraits  

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Cat Portrait