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[1] For what distance will a Tom cat follow the scent of a female cat?

[2] Which cats are the more likely to spray, altered or unaltered?

[3] What is one reason a cat that was timid as a younger cat, may become more aggressive with age?

[4] When traveling with your cat by air, You will need to get a health certificate within how many days of the departure date?

[5] When is a cat character considered to be anthropomorphic?

[6] By what age should kittens be neutered by?

[7] Which cats are likely to live the longest, neutered or spayed cats or those that are unaltered?

[8] Which breed of cat is often referred to as Thai Cats or Opal Cats?

[9] Why do cats eat grass?

[10] What kind of mites produce a condition often known as walking dandruff, a scabrous skin ailment of cats?

[11] Which three eye colors can be found in Abyssinian cats?

[12] Which cats were known in late nineteenth century England as Archangel cats?

[13] Which breed of cat will often come down a tree head first?

[14] What could feeding your cat a small amount of petroleum jelly once a week help to prevent?

[15] Why did Lois Wain believe that cats naturally face northwards?

[16] How long does pregnancy in a cat last for?

[17] What is the proper name for a fear of cats?

[18] As well as the breed what else determines the personality of a cat?

[19] Which Siamese cat color pattern was the only one recognized until the 1930’s?

[20] Why should you never punish a cat?

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  Cat Spraying.
Spraying (urine marking) is the most usual way in which cats mark their territory. But a cat spraying inside your home is something you don't want to happen.

Cat Questions