A Short Cat Quiz

A cat quiz just for fun.

How well do you know the domestic cat? These cat questions will get you thinking but remember you don't have to know everything about cats to enjoy their company! This cat quiz is just for fun, enjoy it.

[1]Who declared the cat to be a "Diabolical Creature"?

[2]How many times a day does a kitten under twelve weeks need feeding?

[3]What is Nepeta Cataria more commonly known as?

[4]Which breed of cat is also often referred to as the swimming cat?

[5]Which breed of cat is also often referred to as the living room leopard?

[6]What is it that many owners report happens to their cats' coat after making the switch to premium cat food from low cost brands?

[7]Which breed of cat was once described as An unnatural, nightmare kind of cat?

[8]Which breed of cat has been described as having a coat "Quite unlike any other domestic breed, being more akin to the feel of a wildcat's pelt".?

[9]Is the presence of clear wax in your cat's ears is perfectly normal?

[10]What can it mean if your cat's ears are hot?

[11]Which large, fearsome, now extinct members of the cat family are also known as Smilodons?

[12]Why do cats need to scratch?

[13]Nearly all breeders of which cat breed, name their cats according to which year they are born?

[14]What did the Ancient Egyptians often decorate figurines of cats with?

[15]Which breed of cat is reputed to become limp and supple when you pick them up?

[16]Which breed of cat is said to possess a non fighting instinct?

[17]Which gene does all breeds of domestic cat carry?

[18]What was Mr. Owen Gould, the British consul-general, given as a parting gift by the King of Siam?

[19]Which foodstuff contains the compound theobromine, safe for humans, possibly deadly for cats?

[20]On which island was a jawbone of a cat, dated to 6000 BC, found?

Here are the answers to the Cat Quiz

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